Bankruptcy judge approves XFL sale to group led by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

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One of Vince McMahon’s most successful employees officially has purchased one of McMahon’s most unsuccessful ventures.

Via Daniel Kaplan of, a bankruptcy judge has approved the purchase of the XFL by former WWE wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Dany Garcia, and RedBird Capital.

The assets were acquired for a mere $15 million. It surely will cost plenty more than that to run the league. The question is whether, and when, the revenue will be there.

Unsecured creditors had objected to the sale. With no other viable purchasers, however, the judge approved the bid.

9 responses to “Bankruptcy judge approves XFL sale to group led by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

  1. Right here is the chance for all the diverse coaches/ players who can’t get or are discriminated against by the NFL , this is the league you can help rise and become a contender with the NFL in profits , just have to start on the ground floor and put in many many hours but you’ll be opening up so many avenues for so many down the road. Or is it really just about the money ?

  2. The Rock is marketable, likeable, and hopefully has some good investors behind him. Before COVID hit, the league seemed to be doing well. Attendance numbers were respectable in most markets, and the TV ratings were solid for what the league promised (and many games beat NBA and NHL ratings too). If the XFL can get decent TV contracts again (even with local FOX affiliates and maybe ESPN2, if the big ones with ABC and FOX can’t be reached), I think the league can be strong again.

  3. Are we to expect Mixed Martial Football? Will they weld rhino horns to their helmets? Will the pads be made of chain mail armor? Will the refs follow the “no autopsy,no foul” rule? Will the Super Gorefest Bowl be held in summer? Stay tuned.

  4. Funny how people painting the failure of the league on COVID. If the league had the promise you are all writing about the original investors wouldn’t be so quick to bail? They didn’t get their money back on this sale but decided to cut their loses.

    There is already a second league that Americans don’t pay any attention to. The CFL will get better talent than the XFL will for years to come but no one in the US watches that. There are local pro leagues you could go support but they run completely on fees the players pay. Fact is to make money you need to be the best when it becomes professional sports. Unless you are supported by the top league in your sport your minor league will always fail.

  5. for the first time I actually can picture a secondary football league surviving and even doing well.

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