Browns G.M. talks up Baker Mayfield’s “outstanding” offseason

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Browns General Manager Andrew Berry is loving what he’s seeing from quarterback Baker Mayfield this offseason.

Berry said that Mayfield has been everything a team wants in a franchise quarterback, both in his physical preparation (he’s among the many players who says he gained muscle and lost fat), and his mental approach.

“Baker has really been outstanding this entire spring and summer – level of engagement with the coaching staff, getting up to speed mentally with the system and his interaction with his teammates,” Berry said.

Mayfield showed a lot of promise as a rookie first overall pick in 2018, but he took a step backward with his play in 2019: He had a lower completion percentage, fewer yards per pass, fewer touchdowns and more interceptions in 2019 than 2018. The Browns need to see Mayfield take a big step forward in Year 3.

21 responses to “Browns G.M. talks up Baker Mayfield’s “outstanding” offseason

  1. as a Browns fan .i dont see how this helps .it will only come back to bite him .. seen this movie before.

  2. We Browns fans have lost our ability to dream. Just do it & don’t talk about it.
    The time for talk has long since been over.

  3. I need to see an improved line that can offer pass block, not targeting OBJ 10 times and only catching 2, better footwork from Baker on his drop back, and putting points on the scoreboard.

  4. Winning the preseason doesnt get you a Lombardi.
    Talk is cheap, let’s see how you do on the field.

  5. Excited to see Mayfield come into the upcoming season ready and willing to make a million new commercials and regress again in his regular season performance.

  6. Stop if you think you remember reading identical comments from a different GM and coach a year ago.

  7. Why ae the Browns doing this. Last off season was supposed to have been a great one for Mayfield, and the season was a disaster. Let him go out there sans the hype machine and let’s see what he can do. The Browns management are not doing the kid any favors with this hype.

  8. amaf21 says:
    August 7, 2020 at 8:55 am
    his regression was a result of your poor coaching choice, no more, no less.


    I’d say his poor decision making with the football had a lot to do with it

  9. Browns fans need to stop blaming last years Mayfield on the coaching, play calling and )-line. The Browns line did rank 23rd, still the Texan and Seahawk lines both ranked behind them made the playoffs.

  10. Yes, the coaching choice was awful, but so was the decision Baker Manziel made to grab every endorsement deal available. He could have spent the time he wasted making commercials in the gym or watching film.

  11. I was rooting for this guy to succeed when first coming out but he has quickly developed into one of the more unlikable characters in the NFL…

  12. So let’s try to remember that this is his third season, third head coach. Do some of you really think learning a new system every year doesn’t impact a young QB? Of course it does. It’s so easy to say “make better decisions on the field”. Sure, get right on that. How about “just play better” for more pointless advice.

    I’m not saying Mayfield bears no responsibility, but the sad fact is that no team can grow and improve – let alone thrive – in an atmosphere of chaos. Haslam is a terrible owner. I think he’s worse than Snyder because at least Snyder has the sense to keep his coaches around long enough to see what they’re actually capable of.

    Haslam has continued the institutional instability and constant, brainless shakeups that have been the Browns hallmark since ’99. Our ownership has been consistently awful.

    Mayfield has had to start over from square one every season of his professional career so far. Of course this has an impact on his performance. There’s no way it wouldn’t. Haslam needs to go seal himself in his COVID bunker for a few years and just stop picking at it. Leave the team alone. We’ve heard the “starting over” speech so many times now, and it never sounds better, it never sounds like he knows what he’s doing, it never sounds like he’s learned anything.

    Mayfield isn’t in a vacuum. There are many factors at work here conspiring against his success. I’m hoping for the best because I think he can be really good.

  13. Back-to-back offseason champions. Remember how pleased with themselves they were the start of last year?

  14. Hey Andrew ever heard of “under sell and over produce”?? How does he know this with such a limited off season? Everytime I read about baker he is somewhere other than Cleveland working out w 1 or 2 guys….

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