Lincoln Kennedy to Derek Carr: “It’s time to put up or shut up”

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Raiders quarterback Derek Carr is tired of being disrespected. Raiders radio analyst Lincoln Kennedy is tired of hearing Derek Carr saying he’s tired of being disrespected.

Appearing on CBS Sports Radio with Zach Gelb, Kennedy reacted to Carr’s recently display of frustration regarding the manner in which he is treated by some media and fans.

“I would say to him if he was here in my face and he said that, I would tell him right now, ‘If you’re tired of being disrespected, play better.’ It’s that simple.”

(And that sound you hear in the distance is Derek Carr blocking Lincoln Kennedy on Twitter.)

“The thing is there’s no more excuses for Derek,” Kennedy said. “Now it’s either put up or shut up. He’s got all the weapons in front of him. He’s got an offensive line, he’s got a run game, he’s got a receiving corps. . . . Now it’s time to put up or shut up.”

Apparently, Kennedy believes “put up or shut up” time already has come and gone.

“He’s had it in his mind that the talent wasn’t there for him, when in actuality it was,” Kennedy said of Carr.

Making Kennedy’s comments far more relevant is the fact that he works for the Raiders. Which underscores the fact that the actual or perceived disrespect isn’t simply coming from outside the facility. Whether it’s Kennedy being candid about Carr or G.M. Mike Mayock repeatedly explaining that they’re constantly looking to upgrade all positions including quarterback, the organization’s opinion of Derek Carr clearly doesn’t match Derek Carr’s opinion of Derek Carr.

41 responses to “Lincoln Kennedy to Derek Carr: “It’s time to put up or shut up”

  1. I like how a respected former Raider is calling him out. These are the types of things we fans have been saying for a few years now. This is without a doubt the year we find out if he will be the Raider QB Moving forward.

  2. Thank You Lincoln Kennedy. I’m Glad it’s coming from someone who is near and dear in Raiders inner circle. It’s the truth. Carr has to play better. plain, and simple

  3. Can anyone imagine what Raiders from the 70’s and 80’s have to say about this whiner?

  4. I like big linc and he is 100% correct its time to put up or shut up…….he is 100% wrong saying he had the talent….HE DOES NOW

  5. Kennedy is on point. Carr always seems to be whining about something. He’s had one really good year, but caught a bad break with the leg. Last year he wasn’t that bad either, but he just seems to be an incessant whiner. Put it together on the field and shut people up or prepare for Gruden to replace you.

  6. Carr has great stats every year. It’s because all of his throws are 10 yards or less to the TE or RB. Fun fact: Derek and his brother David have thrown 0 passes in the playoffs.

  7. It all started with his broken leg. He looks at the pass rush and either throws it away or throws it for a 3 year gain. On top of it, the Raider QB play was to bad after Gannon that when he arrived us Raider fans adored him, his ego which is made of glass grew too big. I wish the the Raiders would have added someone stronger than Mariota to challenge him, like Cam Newton or Andy Dalton. Glad Linc spoke the truth.

  8. At least when Eli said he was elite he turned around and won a Superbowl that year. Let’s see what Carr does.

  9. I’m old enough to remember when Carr was taking shots at Russell Wilson after he had one decent season. It’s been downhill for Carr since then.

  10. But but Lincoln look at my QBR and completion percentage…just don’t look at the fact when it comes down to crunch time and the Raiders need a play to sustain a drive the TV camera shows you walk off the field pointing at yourself saying “my bad”.

  11. Carr is a decent NFL Starter, really nothing more then that.

    Raiders are loaded. A Top-Notch QB would put up 35 points per game with them.

    Could you imagine if Gruden and Mayock were able to somehow get Aaron Rodgers next year?

  12. His first couple of years the fans and press acted like he was the second coming of Jesus. Kinda went to his head a bit.

  13. Carr’s mom is going to call Linc and tell him to stop being so mean to her son and to apologize.

  14. Put up the numbers, you’ll be loved. Play like crap, they’ll let you know, pretty simple formula to that one. I always thought he has the arm talent, just hasn’t take that last big step. Make the big pass, take the big hit, leave it all on the field moment. When the time comes, play big or it’s time to move on.

  15. Stats really don’t tell squat nowadays with qbs. Some middling starters hide behind them to justify they still can earn their bloated salaries but winning is the only thing fans should respect. I don’t care if your team is below average, true franchise guys rise above this to win and that is why they should get the big bucks. Guys like Stafford, Carr, and Winston will dazzle your in the stat sheet but they can’t win. I don’t want to hear the excuses about how bad their team and gm is, if thst was the case don’t sign the extension and move on. The fact is they like masquerading as a franchise qb and reap the benefits of the money and popularity but the fact is they are frauds. The time has come Derek, win a playoff game or kick rocks.

  16. Mr. Kennedy has hit the Nail right on the Head and Carr better listen to what he is saying, stop bitching and start producing —start scrambling and get much needed first downs that keep drives going..Carr we love you but dag nabbit stop bitching and start winning and you will get all the respect in Raider Nation!

  17. It does matter who you have at receiver if you want to win. One pro bowl receiver since 14. He’s the reason Amari Cooper is Amari Cooper. No deep shots because the receivers we’ve had couldn’t beat anybody. Why do you think the last couple of years, our TE, whether it was Cook or Waller was our leading receiver? THEY WERE THE ONLY ONES WINNING ONE ON ONES! Had decent receivers in 16 and you saw what happened. It’s easy to say put or shut up now, he finally has someone to throw the ball to. For all of you football gurus, why do you think Mayock and GRuden haven’t moved on when they’ve had EVERY opportunity to do so? Because they haven’t been able to fairly evaluate him because he hasn’t had help at receiver. SMH I think there’s going to be a big kiss Derek’s butt section this year. Raider Nation For Life.

  18. When your tight end is your best receiver, what do you expect. Receivers have been trash all but one of his years.

  19. I agree 100% with Big Linc! Watch these Carr bothers start lighting up Twitter to protect poor, little Derek. All these Carr brothers are as soft as warm butter!

  20. Derek Carr can say anything he wants to say. He can complain all he wants. Talk is cheap. The proof is in his play. So far Carr’s career has been sub-par. Lincoln Kennedy is soooo right about Carr. It’s put up or shut up time!

  21. Not a huge fan of Derek Carr and he does complain too much for my taste.
    But the substance of his complaints are valid.
    The Raiders ranked 8th in the NFL by Passer Rating. 8th in completion %. 7th in Net Yards per attempt.
    Offense that rank in the top 10 in passing usually make the playoffs except when the defense lets them down.
    And the Raiders defense was 24th in points allowed last year as they allowed over 26 points per game.

  22. “I would say to him if he was here in my face and he said that, I would tell him right now, ‘If you’re tired of being disrespected, play better.’ It’s that simple.”

    “He’s had it in his mind that the talent wasn’t there for him, when in actuality it was,” Kennedy said of Carr.


    It’s difficult for Carr to “play better” when he’s in a dink-and-dunk system that is a complete mismatch to his skills and Gruden is an inept play-caller. Carr did play MUCH better in 2015-2016 (in the MVP conversation in 2016) when he was coached by Bill Musgrave who allowed him to use his arm strength and air it out. And I can guarantee you that Carr will again play MUCH better once he gets away from Gruden.

    As for offensive weapons, Carr HAD a pair of good WRs in Cooper & Crabtree but Gruden immediately got rid of Crabtree when he took over and then misused and later traded Cooper. That was in no way Carr’s fault.

  23. MortimerInMiami says:
    August 7, 2020 at 10:55 am

    Can anyone imagine what Raiders from the 70’s and 80’s have to say about this whiner?


    I’ve often speculated as to what Raider players from the ’70s and ’80s (if quoted anonymously) would have to say about about a fraud like Gruden in contrast to the excellent coaching they had under Madden & Flores.

  24. Yes, finally someone inside the Raiders has said it. I like Derek Carr, he seems like very nice guy and that is his problem. It is not in Carr’s DNA to be anyone other than who he is, a nice guy. He has talent, he is a people pleaser, but he allows his emotions to ruin everything. He could be a hall of famer, but he would have let go and he will never do that. He gets upset at everybody who can spot that flaw and calls him out on it. Thank you Lincoln Kennedy. He has the makings to be great, but its not his play that will fix it. Its what goes on in his head during a game that causes his emotions to literally lock up. He should try some bungee jumping, over and over. Or sky diving, over and over. Let the frickin loose. But I still like the guy. He is for sure no Gannon. This team and Gannon would be lights out.

  25. I recall when Raiders fans were trashing Teddy Bridgewater’s play before he was injured, saying Carr was all that and a bag of chips. It will be interesting to see who has a better year — and it should be Carr seeing as how he actually has an NFL caliber team.

  26. Said it before and I will say it again, while Carr is not the second coming of Montana by any stretch, if you think he was the reason they didn’t win more games, you were out of the room in the john when the Raiders were playing defense.

  27. The defense has to get better as well. Allowing 26 points per game is unacceptable. Carr does not play on both sides of the ball. I like DC, but he should shut up and let his play this year do the talking.

  28. Carr is what he is at this point. Carr is an average to slightly below average QB who posts decent to average stats ever year but will never you the big game because he’s afraid to take the big risks/chance with the ball, he doesn’t or cannot make big plays in crunch time. Gruden is realllllllly reallllllllllly reallllllllllllly wishing he had just paid the price and traded up for Kyler Murray last year. I don’t think AZ was going to let him go either way though as he is perfect for the system they run.

  29. Christopher Allan says:
    August 7, 2020 at 11:04 am
    Carr has great stats every year. It’s because all of his throws are 10 yards or less to the TE or RB. Fun fact: Derek and his brother David have thrown 0 passes in the playoffs.


    Carr puts up great stats every year? I’m not sure you understand what the word great means my dude. Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson etc those guys puts up “great” stats last year, Carr simply puts up decent to average stats every year and then demands people treat him as if he is some kind elite top 5 to even top 10 QB, which he most certainly is not. Carr is a decent to average QB who needs a lot of talent around him to function.

  30. I believe that it’s a head coach’s job to get the best from his players – especially QBs.

    Gruden’s ego doesn’t seem to allow any nuance in his approach. I don’t know the full possibilities of Carr’s potential, but the Raiders are traditionally an unstable organization, making success more difficult, and Gruden is a wingnut – who calls the plays.

    It seems Gruden has been ambivalent about Carr from day one and it sure feels like Carr’s only directive from the organization is “prove it or you’re gone”. Now, every QB – every player – has that directive to some degree. I’m just saying that Gruden’s approach may not get a good response from a lot of players, and the fact that he calls the plays absolutely has an impact on Carr’s performance.

    In other words, the dysfunctional, complicated dynamic created by the head coach has a bearing on the performance of the players. Other factors are involved other than “just play better”.

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