Report: Daniel Snyder sues over reports that surfaced last month

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The days preceding last month’s report in the Washington Post regarding 15 former Washington Football Team employees alleging sexual harassment against the team consisted of over-the-top rumormongering regarding the potential content of the anticipated story. Team owner Daniel Snyder is now taking legal action in response to the worst of the rumors. reports, based on documents it claims to have obtained, that Snyder has initiated a proceeding in federal court in order to obtain information about New Content Media, which owns a website — — that, per, posted an article hinting that the story in the Post would link Snyder to Jeffrey Epstein’s alleged sex trafficking. The post allegedly sourced anonymous Reddit posts, including one that claimed Snyder would be arrested.

The lawsuit also claims that asked whether Snyder will rename his team “the ‘Epsteins.'”

Snyder also, according to, has filed a $10 million lawsuit in India against the parent company of Beyond the pursuit of financial recovery for the alleged violation of his rights, Snyder wants the “identity of the third parties involved in hiring [] to publish these false and defamatory articles.” This specific claim suggests that Snyder believes and/or has evidence to show that someone actually paid to publish the articles, which if true would be a highly unusual development.

The decision to pursue legal action in response to allegedly false statements of fact can be delicate and complicated. The filing of the lawsuit and the media coverage of the litigation can make a story that wasn’t widely known into a much bigger deal. That said, it often may be the best (and only) way to establish that the information was and is false.

19 responses to “Report: Daniel Snyder sues over reports that surfaced last month

  1. Hope they have their ducks in a row, and can prove it because THIS angry RICH person will win……and get richer. NO ONE wants their name associated with Epstein.

  2. This is how wealthy individuals silence people. Drag them into court and stress their finances indefinitely until they have to drop their claims and it keeps people weary of speaking up in the future.

  3. Say what you want about Danny Boy but if you make allegations such as those stated you had better be able to back them up with definitive proof. Good for him in going after trash stories.

  4. I duuno…maybe instead of suing them, he should thank them. Because of all the hype and speculation around this story and what it COULD be, once the actual story came out, it didn’t seem nearly as bad compared to what was being rumored…

  5. Dan doesn’t like being called bad names? Odd, considering he had no problem owning a football team with a dictionary defined racial slur for a name.

    Pot, meet kettle. What a dork.

  6. Snyder has always been the most petty of owners. He was suing season ticket holders back when the economy previously tanked because they had lost their jobs so they couldn’t afford them. One of them was a 72 year old woman, for $66,000, because she couldn’t afford to pay for her tickets and cancelled. He is a despicable human in all respects.

  7. Finally, some consequences for these conspiracy theories that seem to target anyone and everyone they can, and until now, were seemingly unabated.

  8. mrf47 says:
    August 7, 2020 at 3:29 pm
    Dan doesn’t like being called bad names? Odd, considering he had no problem owning a football team with a dictionary defined racial slur for a name.

    Pot, meet kettle. What a dork.


    Stupid Post of the Day Award. Congrats.

  9. Boy did they screw up. Trying to tie Danny Boy into Epstein’s biz? He will slaughter them.

  10. The dude may be a jackass when it comes to football, but someone published that he was involved with a child prostitution ring. He ought to sue.

    But for the record, publishing that he was going to name the team The Epsteins is hilarious.

  11. Please just sell the team and go away, Danny Boy. Please! You’re not the kind of owner you think you are, nor are you the kind of owner the fans of this great franchise deserve. #selltheteam

  12. Wait!!! The media is making and posting false and inflamitory statements?? I am shocked! Shocked I tell you!

  13. Snyder is terrible, but I don’t blame him for doing this. That was a low way to tease a story and let speculation and innuendo spiral out of control.

  14. Their source was an anonymous Reddit post? I can’t stand Snyder, but unless they have something more to back the allegation, I hope he bankrupts them.

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