Tyrod Taylor undeterred by Justin Herbert’s presence

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After Philip Rivers left for Indianapolis, everyone expected the Chargers to draft a quarterback. Even Tyrod Taylor.

“I figured that the Chargers would take a quarterback,” Taylor said Friday, via Lindsey Thiry of ESPN. “But that never necessarily changed my mindset or my attack to the year.”

The Chargers selected Oregon quarterback Justin Herbert with the sixth overall choice. Coach Anthony Lynn recently conceded the obvious: Herbert “can’t make up the physical reps” he missed due to the restricted offseason, so Taylor “probably” will start the season opener.

How long Taylor holds onto the job depends on how he plays, the offense plays and the team plays.

“I was drafted in the sixth round and even that day that I got drafted, I always had the mindset to prepare like a starter,” Taylor, who is entering his 10th NFL season, said. “So, regardless of the circumstances, that’s how I stay mentally in it, and that’s how I prepare myself mentally.”

Taylor is in a familiar spot as the bridge quarterback. The Browns traded with the Bills to get Taylor in 2017 before they drafted Baker Mayfield.

Taylor started the season but was diagnosed with a head injury in Week Three. Mayfield led the Browns to their first victory since 2016, and the rest was no mystery.

“A lot of things that happened in Cleveland was out of my control, but I never changed my attitude towards what I can do and towards the team,” Taylor said. “Moving forward to this one, whether it’s viewed as the same circumstances, I focus on what I can control, and that’s me bringing my ‘A’ game each and every day, being a leader and bringing great energy towards the building.”

5 responses to “Tyrod Taylor undeterred by Justin Herbert’s presence

  1. I’ve always liked this kid. He is at best a tweener, but could be the starter or be a top backup. His completion percentage has always been high, but doesn’t through downfield and will take a sack or throw it away if it’s not there. Good for him for making it 10 years league. I’m not willing to bet but I think in those 10 years he has played in a different offence every year.

  2. This guy is a class act.
    He had NO CHANCE for success here in Cleveland because quite frankly nobody else did either. The front office was a grease fire and the coaches on the sidelines acted like they never had any game plan, their clock management was horrible, and their was so much turnover that you never knew who you were playing with thus no cohesiveness.
    But he kept his mouth shut, never made excuses, and kept grinding.
    I have nothing but total respect for the man and I wish him well.
    (I’m obviously still following his career for a reason).

  3. Agree. Tyros is the perfect NFL backup because he plays a VERY solid role, very safe QB. Will not make the big mistake, won’t lose the game for you. Calm cool smart and has that ability to run for key 1st downs, break an occasional long run if the defense is sleeping.

    He will never be the elite QB like Rodgers, Mahones, etc, but a team w a good def or just needing a solid backup can win with this guy. Also great team guy, good example leadership and solid in the QB room. A pros pro.

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