Mike McCarthy: I’m the one who has the most to learn in Cowboys’ offense

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New Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy says he has more work to do in learning the offense the team already runs than the team has to learn the offense McCarthy prefers.

Although McCarthy will obviously make some changes to the Cowboys’ offense, he has retained offensive coordinator Kellen Moore and said his top priority is learning what Moore does, rather than forcing a new system on Moore and quarterback Dak Prescott.

“The individual that’s had to learn the most has been myself,” McCarthy said, via Ed Werder of ESPN. “It’s been a brand new language, particularly with the run game, for everybody. The protection is a different language and the passing game, as much as we could carry over, we did.”

The Cowboys’ offense played very well last year, even if the team as a whole didn’t play well enough to save Jason Garrett’s job. McCarthy will make some changes, but he won’t try to fix something that isn’t broken.

20 responses to “Mike McCarthy: I’m the one who has the most to learn in Cowboys’ offense

  1. That’s true, Mike. And you’re going to learn that it’s very overrated, with a QB and a RB who are no where near as good as they are in their own heads!

  2. Brand new HC, who helped develop Rodgers, but keep the old OC and offense. Sounds like Jones has McCarthy well on his way to being the new sock puppet in town.
    Next he has to teach him how to lean over and clap juuuuust right.

  3. People make way too much about what offense a team runs. The offense that works is the one that has talent on it that can win its match ups. Andy Reid was to conservative and about to be run out of town until Mahomes arrives. Now he is a genius again. Love Reid and think he is a HOF coach but not because of his current work but his ability be a top coach for nearly as long as I have been watching football. Half the coaches in the league would look great with Mahomes and that loaded offense.

  4. And that will never change. Factor in that he calls a lousy game, even when he was the one who drew up the playbook, and Cowboy fans are in for frustration.

  5. The first thing we will need to learn, if he hasn’t already, is that he no longer has Aaron Rodgers at QB. This simply means that any fly pattern, screen pass or out pattern will be secondary to a QB scramble!

  6. Considering Prescott was much better than Rodgers was last year, I dont think that McCarthy has much to worry about this year.

  7. So the new coach cant implement his own offense?? Yep, Jones has a new yes man. Welcome to 8-8 Mike.

  8. In today’s NFL world, you need an aggressive coach who dictates what the other team does. A coach that is not afraid to take some chances. Then you need to get the players to believe in that coach’s style and philosophy. Look at the coaches that are successful in the NFL today. They combine knowledge, ability, style, and belief. I’m still not sure that Mike McCarthy is that guy in Dallas.

    I grew up in Dallas and the Cowboys are still my main team. I go all the way back to the Tom Landry era.

  9. I’m sure the Cowboys will learn a lot about Mike McCarthy in the next few months. Take the under.

  10. Mike,

    Please find attached the 2020 Dallas Cowboys playbook:

    1st down – handoff Zeke
    2nd down – handoff Zeke
    3rd down – underthrown 5 yard out to either Cooper or Zeke (coaches choice)
    4th down – punt

    Have a great season.


  11. Mike,
    Make sure you clap as the offense leaves the field after yet another 3 and out.


  12. Mike and the offense will be fine. I’m more worried about how the defense will take shape. Other Mike (Nolan) has some work to do on the run defense.

  13. Mike and the offense will be fine. I’m more worried about how the defense will take shape. Other Mike (Nolan) has some work to do on the run defense.

  14. Their offense is easy . Give it to Zeke , lose the last 2 games and,let Philly sneak in again..

  15. Cowboy fan..hoping for an upgrade on the sideline with the head coach, personally I couldn’t be happier to see the Red Clapper gone

    Anti-Cowboy fan..The usual dogging comments..

    nothing new here that I see

  16. I like Dak but he has a noodle arm which is the opposite of McCarthy’s previous QBs.

  17. What I take from this, is he wants to get rid of Dak and other players and Jerry says nope, so he will play by jerry’s rules this year and if dak does bad then he will get rid of him and do things his way next season.. including new staff…

  18. 13 years of watching Mike McCarthy – that will be his team Jerry can stay in his box and shut up. McCarthy is NOBODY’S wussy. Go get ’em Coach. Ignore the Cowboy fans.

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