Trevor Lawrence thought about opting out but will play for Clemson this year

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Clemson quarterback Trevor Lawrence, who is widely regarded as the likely first overall pick in the 2021 NFL draft, considered opting out of the upcoming college football season before deciding to play amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Yeah, I think everyone’s thought about it just with everything going on,” Lawrence said, via the Greenville News. “But since I made the decision to play, I haven’t thought about it again. That’s my decision. I’m committed.”

Lawrence said that before deciding to play, he wanted to hear the NCAA’s plans for keeping players healthy during the season, and whether Clemson would be able to play a full season. When he was satisfied with that, he decided to play.

“It really depended on the guidelines that the NCAA and teams put in place,” Lawrence said, “and also how the schedule was going to look, whether or not we were going to be able to play a full season. All those things kind of factored in.”

Lawrence said he respects the decisions of potential first-round picks like linebacker Micah Parsons of Penn State, defensive end Greg Rousseau of Miami, cornerback Caleb Farley of Virginia Tech and wide receiver Rashod Batemen of Minnesota, who have decided not to play.

“I totally get it,” Lawrence said. “There’s a lot on the line for them. If they feel like the risk is too much, I understand that something they’ve worked for their whole lives to get a chance to play in the NFL, they don’t want to risk it.”

Lawrence, however, thinks one more season at Clemson is worth the risk.

23 responses to “Trevor Lawrence thought about opting out but will play for Clemson this year

  1. Fair or unfair but if he skipped, still got drafted #1 and played like a Pro Bowler every year, everyone would still have questions on his “mentality, drive and leadership.” Really unfortunate that he has very little choice if he wants to be a face of the NFL in the future.

  2. Well, seriously… Is he really going to have any games to play in after the initial few games? Even the pros are already having difficulty keeping the virus out of the locker room. Can’t see this working long at all for colleges. And considering this desease will seriously inhibit an elite athlete’s ability to play at peak performance (it’s at least going to have a mononucleosis type effect on those with minor symptoms) and the fact that the players get almost nothing monetarily, relative to what they are going to be paid if they stay healthy for the NFL… it’s a lose lose for any highly rated college player.

  3. Dang, what am I missing? He has nothing to gain and everything to lose by playing this season, if there is one

  4. This is one of those questions that shouldn’t be asked. I understand that journalists need to eat, too. However, he didn’t opt out. So, why ask?

    It’s only a lose-lose proposition for the player unless he says “HELL NO!” and frankly, some would then question if he’s intelligent enough to understand the risks.

    It’s a lazy, thoughtless question to ask any athlete, particularly at the collegiate level.

    Hope this “reporter” is proud!

  5. Sounds like a gamer to me, whatever team drafts him #1 overall next year will be very lucky

  6. Trevor Lawrence has the right attitude. Being in college and on a college football team is a special time, and something you can never get back. He wants to experience it one more time. I salute him for recognizing that certain things are more important than the almighty dollar. I have no doubt that he is insured against injury so he really isn’t risking money. Enjoy your senior year Trevor!

  7. What do you get when you combine Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady, and John Elway? Answer: Trevor Lawrence. Sound crazy? Watch some tape and you’ll be saying the same thing. The NFL should have a draft lottery for the first 5 picks, or something like that. Teams will definitely try to lose to secure the number one pick. This is going to be such a fluke season. Anything is possible. Lawrence should have a $100 million insurance policy before he steps foot on the gridiron again.

  8. I think I like Lawrence better than every QB to enter the draft since Peyton Manning… I hope he is as good as advertised.

  9. The more first rounders that opt out from opposing teams, the better his chance to show out and possibly win the Heisman. Now, if only a lot of LSU and Alabama players opt out he will be sitting pretty.

  10. He can’t opt out. Dabo and the Clemson boosters have paid him too much money.

  11. LSU made him look pedestrian in the championship game…he knows it, the scouts know it

  12. For someone with so much hype as potentially being a top NFL prospect, he looked terrible in the last game he played….keep in mind he was facing a defense where at least 90% of the players will never make it to the NFL.

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