Vikings’ Cameron Smith will have open-heart surgery, miss season

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Vikings linebacker Cameron Smith announced today that he will miss the season because he needs open-heart surgery to repair a congenital defect.

“I found out I need open heart surgery to fix a bicuspid aortic valve that I was born with,” Smith wrote on Instagram. “Although this will unfortunately end my 2020 season, it is really a blessing that we found this as my heart is severely enlarged and wouldn’t have lasted much longer. I found this out after I tested positive for COVID and had to have further testing done as protocol. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but I could really feel him on this one! There is a surgery that will allow me to continue to play football as soon as I am healed and cleared and I didn’t think twice about going with that one.”

The Vikings selected Smith in the fifth round of the 2019 NFL draft. He played in five games as a rookie last year.

Although Smith did not opt out of the 2020 season before the Thursday deadline, there is a provision that allows players to opt out after the deadline if a new health diagnosis puts them at high risk. It is unknown whether Smith will seek to use that provision, which would allow him to receive a $350,000 stipend this year.

15 responses to “Vikings’ Cameron Smith will have open-heart surgery, miss season

  1. Wish him the best. Open-heart surgery is no joke. Hope the surgery is successful and his recovery goes well.

    The Pack will see the rest of the Vikings on September 13th at noon. Very much looking forward to it!👍👏😁


  2. Just pay him his salary because he didnt opt out….that would show some class.

  3. Man, people will do anything to opt out….actually good timing for Smith. He gets better & plays next year when it should be safer. He was a potential cut, so hopefully he comes back stronger, ready to play.

  4. Right, he’ll end up on IR and receive his full salary since he can’t be cut without an injury settlement he would need to agree to first.

  5. In this one case at least, thank God for COVID.
    Detecting a previously unknown heart condition and repairing it before something tragic can happen is a real blessing.
    Football will be there when you get back. Best of luck, young man.

  6. Why wouldn’t he get his salary if he doesn’t opt out? He’s got to be eligible for the PUP list, right?

    Glad they discovered this condition, one small silver lining to the Covid mess. Hope the procedure is successful and without complication, and best wishes to Cameron Smith for a speedy recovery.

  7. Best wishes Cameron, hope you get it taken care of and come back stronger.

  8. An obvious blessing in disguise.
    Hope all goes well and you’re able to continue your career.
    Unfortunately it’s in that ugly purple, but Hey, we all got to make a living.
    But seriously, glad this was caught early and taken care of.

  9. Why all the down votes on folks wishing him luck with his diagnosis and surgery?
    What if you or a loved one were in his shoes?
    And no, it doesn’t take someone “woke” to have decency, compassion, and empathy.

  10. I’m glad they found Cameron Smith condition in time. Absolutely nothing to joke about. John Ritter died from the very same condition on the set of his sitcom. Just started working one day, his aortic root tore, and he quite literally died before his body hit the floor. Praying that Cameron’s surgery and post-op healing goes well. Not sure if he’ll ever be able to play football again though.

  11. Glad it was discovered in his Vikings-covid physical and fixed, but geez, how was an enlarged heart not discovered in college or in the pre-draft physicals?

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