Derrius Guice goes unclaimed on waivers

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Running back Derrius Guice, officially released by Washington on Saturday, officially is out of the NFL. At least for now. Possibly for good.

Guice cleared waivers, making the 2018 second-round pick a free agent.

Washington released Guice after he was arrested on multiple domestic-violence allegations, including a felony count of strangulation.

Guice’s lawyer has released a statement claiming that the charges are false, that police sought no statement from Guice, that Washington released him without conducting any investigation whatsoever.

“Derrius will defend these charges in court,” attorney Peter Greenspun said, “where a full vetting of the allegations will take place, in contract to actions by local law enforcement and the Washington Football Team that assumed the worst, directly contradicting every sense of fairness and due process.”

Any team that signs Guice would risk seeing him placed on the Commissioner Exempt list, requiring the team to pay him while the charges are resolved. For that reason, there’s a good chance Guice will not be in the NFL until the criminal case ends and the NFL imposes discipline, if any, on him.

27 responses to “Derrius Guice goes unclaimed on waivers

  1. Its over before it ever got started.

    I hope the victim gets justice if this is true.

  2. surran70065 says:
    August 9, 2020 at 6:18 pm
    So he’s guilty until proven innocent?


    In this country today, unfortunately, he is.

  3. New address on Anywhere St USA, Just look for the Brown cardboard box with the flaps up

  4. mikeyb says:
    August 9, 2020 at 6:30 pm

    In this country today, unfortunately, he is.


    If the GM who drafted him was still with the team or if he had been a probowl player before this, he’d probably be on the commissioner’s exempt list (ie. Deandre Baker who is facing felony charges of his own)

    The new front office isn’t tied to him and the PR risk vs reward was not in his favor. Also when it comes to domestic violence, it was only 6 years ago when another RB, Ray Rice, was given a pass by the team and it’s fans only for the terrible video to surface and end his career. It also shows you how hard a team and it’s fans will try to look the other way when you are productive. Everything in the video was in the written police report but the Baltimore coaching staff and fans gave him a pass because he was productive.

    No team wants to chance that PR nightmare again.

  5. So he’s guilty until proven innocent?

    That has nothing to do with getting cut. It’s like getting fired for the rest of us. Typically if you do something that brings embarrassment or negative publicity to the company they will get rid of you. For Guice, the little production they got out of him does not outweigh this incident. Maybe if he’s truly innocent another team will give him a chance but given the number of incidents he may be done.

  6. The Washington Football Team had just about enough bad press *before* a not-very-good running back strangled someone. Not only are his alleged actions bad, and his play is bad, even the man’s timing is bad.

  7. Did he really think Washington needed to conduct an investigation before releasing him? Hey Guice, tell me how your on field resume reads after two years in the NFL.

  8. This actually works out well for him. He can now go back to LSU and continue his classes to become a neurosurgeon.

  9. Even if Guice didn’t get arrested, he’d have a good chance to clear waivers. He’s just not very good.

  10. Well it definitely doesn’t sound good but at least the investigation needs to happen before the guy gets crucified. Looks like he had a bum wheel anyway. What a mess in Washington. PERFECT TIME in a throw-away season to just blow it all up from top to bottom.

  11. Even if he is claimed, teams know he will face th Hammer of Roger Goodell and may be gone for half the season anyway.

  12. wow i thought this guy had a great career ahead of him. But goes to show you cant take anything for certain

  13. He had that one good stiff arm that one time in that one game he didn’t sit out.

  14. The Panthers who at the time had like 11 of the current Washington coaches had taken Guice off their draft board due to injury and character concerns. I think it’s safe to say the staff didn’t see as much in him as fans did.

  15. The guy has played in 5 games in his first two seasons and now this.

    Can’t be counted on on or off the field.

  16. surran70065 says:
    August 9, 2020 at 6:18 pm
    So he’s guilty until proven innocent?
    Tell me what Guice has contributed to Washington the last two seasons that should warrant them keeping him regardless of any criminal charge.

  17. Some RB’s return from knee injuries. Some don’t. If Guice is healthy, he’s an elite back. It’s hard to tell if a guy is guilty or innocent. Just have to let the courts handle it, and go from there.

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