Mike Daniels visiting Bengals

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Veteran defensive tackle Mike Daniels is in Cincinnati, taking a physical, a COVID-19 test and meeting with the team, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

Daniels, 31, spent last season in Detroit.

He played nine games with two starts last season, making 10 tackles and a sack.

The Packers drafted him in the fourth round in 2012. Daniels played seven seasons in Green Bay.

For his eight-year career, Daniels has appeared in 111 games with 74 starts. He has made 235 tackles, 70 quarterback hits and 30 sacks.

15 responses to “Mike Daniels visiting Bengals

  1. When they leave Green Bay for so-called greener pastures, they frequently become gypsies, wandering from team to team.

  2. If Mike can stay healthy the Bengals will be getting a steal by signing him. Sounds like if he passes his physical he will be a Bengal.

    Good luck Mike👍

  3. This guy’s career certainly has fallen off the last 2 years, he’s actually visiting Cincy during Covid19 by choice. lol

  4. A nice fellow. You hate to see the career of a genuine good guy come to an end. Best of everything to you, Mike.

  5. So in other words his career is practically over? Cinci is usually you’re last stop on your way out of the league.

  6. I wish they would pick up more depth on the offensive line. Seems like defensive line was already situated.

  7. The Bengals are quietly (or maybe not, idk) having a great off-season. The addition of Burrow and the return of Green and Jonah Williams should lead to a much improved offense. The LB additions, adding DJ Reader, Vonn Bell, Waynes and Alexander, and now maybe Daniels, the defense should be much improved as well.

    Call me crazy, but maybe, just maybe, the Bengals will do better than 2-14.

  8. hawkkiller says:
    August 9, 2020 at 10:40 pm
    So in other words his career is practically over? Cinci is usually you’re last stop on your way out of the league.
    Grammar aside, what are you talking about? Cincinnati is no more of a final destination for NFL players than any other team. For a veterans, sometimes the third team does end up being their final team. Sometimes that’s in Cincinnati, sometimes it’s in Philadelphia, sometimes it’s in Tampa or Seattle.

  9. He’s a dang good player when healthy. But that’s the issue… Sometimes the best ability is availability.

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