Saquon Barkley sees “fresh start” for the Giants

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The Giants made a big change last season when they replaced Eli Manning as the team’s starting quarterback and they made another after the season when they fired Pat Shurmur as their head coach.

Shurmur had two years on the job after taking over for Ben McAdoo, who didn’t even make it that long, and the Giants have gone to the playoffs just once in the last eight seasons. Both of those hires came with the kind of high hopes about the future that have accompanied Joe Judge’s hiring this offseason, but why will this time be different?

Running back Saquon Barkley answered that question during a session with reporters last week. He pointed to the presence of offensive coordinator Jason Garrett as part of that response.

“What tells me this could be different, one, it’s a brand-new year. It’s a fresh start,” Barkley said. “From what I have seen in these first couple of days is we are steps ahead, in my opinion. We are coming in, we’re locked in. Are mistakes being made, yes, that’s part of the nature of learning a system and learning a new offense. We have what I believe is really great coaching staff starting with Coach Judge to Coach Garrett and so on down the line. They are doing a tremendous job of having us focusing on the little things and focused on situational football, which I think is a part of our game we can improve on from this year to last year.”

Barkley missed three games last year, but still topped the 1,000-yard mark for the second time in as many seasons. That’s put him alongside quarterback Daniel Jones as the lead on-field reasons to think better days could be coming for the Giants.

8 responses to “Saquon Barkley sees “fresh start” for the Giants

  1. Giants fan for over 40 years now. If we win more than 5-6 games Id be stunned. 2021 will be the year that we MIGHT finally be able to win 8 or 9 games, not this year. Saquon might not even be a Giant the next time we make the playoffs…..its not a lock that the Giants pay him after year 5.

  2. What exactly about 2020 screams ability to compete with the Eagles and Cowboys to the Giants?

    The Giants and Washington will be battling to avoid last place in the NFC east as usual.

    Still amazed that Gettleman survived Shurmurs firing. It’s a great things to be friends with the owners. Just ask Bruce Allen who lasted way to long with Washington.

  3. You might not like Gettleman, but regardless, its pretty ridiculous to not give an incoming GM at least 3 years to try and right the ship; and that goes for any GM, not just Getty (who inherited a true disaster left by Reese).

  4. Absolutely true that Gettleman inherited a true disaster. That was the fault of Reese, but also Mara. But aside from drafting Barkley, who is a good back, Gettleman has done nothing to improve the Giants, unless you believe – hope – Jones is anything more than mediocre. He’s not. The Giants are not a better team than when McAdoo and Reese left. That’s on Gettleman ant that’s on Mara.

  5. Run with Power .. Control the ball.. Danny Dimes, Hold on to the ball.. O LINE create lanes for Saquon Barkley..

  6. Don’t lump Washington with the Giants. Washington has a dominant defense, on par with Bears Super Bowl Championship team, might even be better. Barkley is deluding himself if he thinks Jason Garrett is the answer.

  7. .
    decimate the defense dont fix the o-line, blame eli. check
    score most points in division while defense gives up most points, blame eli. check
    Barkley has worst year of his career under danny, blame eli. check.

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