Jim Caldwell: Bob Quinn wanted to fire me Day 1

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Former Lions coach Jim Caldwell says that General Manager Bob Quinn wanted to fire him from the moment Quinn arrived in Detroit in January of 2016.

Caldwell said on former Lions safety Glover Quin’s podcast that he believes Quinn wanted him gone from the beginning.

“I think without question that had he been left to his own devices I probably would have been gone the day he came in, just kind of the feeling that I got even though obviously it went through a two-week process of kind of going through an interview process with him in order to keep my job,” Caldwell said, via the Detroit Free Press. “And I was thankful to be able to continue because I did think that we were going to move in the right direction, I did think that we had something that was pretty special.”

So why didn’t Quinn fire Caldwell immediately? It appears to have been a combination of the fact that Lions owner Martha Ford was a vocal supporter of Caldwell, and that Quinn’s preferred choice, Matt Patricia, was on the Patriots’ coaching staff in the playoffs and would have had to wait a few weeks to be interviewed.

Caldwell ended up coaching the Lions to the playoffs in 2016, which saved his job for the year. In 2017 Caldwell’s Lions went 9-7 and missed the playoffs, and Quinn fired him and replaced him with Patricia. Given that back-to-back winning seasons weren’t enough to save Caldwell’s job, while Quinn has kept Patricia despite going 6-10 in his first year and 3-12-1 in his second, it’s clear that Quinn is willing to give Patricia more leeway than he was willing to give Caldwell.

10 responses to “Jim Caldwell: Bob Quinn wanted to fire me Day 1

  1. I liked Caldwell better than Patricia to begin with. I’ll be interested to see who winds up with a better four years as HC but I think I know how it will end up. I hope I’m wrong though

  2. New managers always want to bring in their own people. Too often, they regard existing staff as the problem instead of buffers against an organization’s deeper issues. Caldwell fits the latter description. I wonder if Quinn regrets his decision now?

  3. It’s no secret than a new GM and HC what to make their mark from day one and put their stamp on the team, a ton of GMs and HCs have done it in the past, it’s just business Jim!

    That’s why I keep saying this was a lot better sport before it became a big business!

  4. Funny how things work out. Lots of people thought Caldwell was underperforming going 9-7 multiple times but now Patricia would sell his grandmother to get to that record. You KNOW Quinn envisioned Patricia having them in the playoffs by now, probably multiple times. Instead he’s had one of the worst records in the league since being hired.

  5. mnionc says:
    August 10, 2020 at 12:22 pm
    This man should still be coaching the Lions. Caldwell > Patricia
    Caldwell>Ronald McDonald>Patricia

  6. he outkicked his coverage. however, patrica has been a good coach, mixed things up a little to get better results and accountability from the players and has them in a position to be a serious contender in the NFL this season.

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