Scott Frost: Nebraska is committed to playing, no matter what

Getty Images

The Big Ten may be on the verge of canceling the 2020 football season, but not every Big Ten school is on board.

Nebraska’s president reportedly voted against canceling the season in a meeting of Big Ten presidents, and Nebraska coach Scott Frost went even further today, saying his football team plans to be on the field this season.

“Our University is committed to playing no matter what, no matter what that looks like and how that looks. We want to play no matter who it is or where it is,” Frost said.

Nebraska, of course, can’t play unless it has other teams to play against. And there may not be any other Big Ten schools fielding football teams this year. But in this most unusual of years, it’s possible that some combination of football schools could decide to play a fall season outside their traditional conferences, and that Nebraska would play even if the Big Ten does not.