Six teams have had no player positive tests

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NFL teams are taking extraordinary measures, and administering loads of tests, in an effort to keep football going.

And six of them are fortunate enough to not have a positive test yet.

Peter King of NBC’s Football Morning in America detailed the steps the Texans have taken to combat COVID-19, and so far, they’re working.

Through Saturday, the Texans have tested 80 players and 100 staff members who are in contact with players for 11 days without a positive test.

The chances of nearly 2,000 tests coming back negative is a combination of good practices and good luck, especially since the Texans are working in one of the country’s COVID-19 hotspots.

They’re not the only team to keep a clean sheet so far. The Chargers, Cardinals, Panthers, Patriots, and Seahawks haven’t had a player test positive yet (through Saturday), which is obviously good news for those teams.

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