Will some college conferences postpone and others proceed?

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As college football deals with an unprecedented year of turmoil and uncertainty, there could be even more turmoil and uncertainty.

Dan Patrick said on his national radio show this morning that the Big Ten and Pac-12 are poised to scrap their seasons, as soon as tomorrow. The 14 teams of the Big Ten (math went out the window a long time ago) are, per DP, at 12-2 against playing the fall, with Iowa and Nebraska the lone holdouts.

The ACC and Big 12, according to Patrick, are on the fence. The SEC, meanwhile, plans to go forward, and it’s recruiting other teams to join them for a season.

If that happens — if the SEC and the ACC and/or the Big 12 proceed in the fall — it will make for a strange seven or eight months of college football, with some teams playing in the fall and, presumably, other teams playing in the spring.

Ideally, all major college football teams will do the same thing. But the pandemic underscores the reality that these colleges aren’t nearly as organized and united as they’d have us believe. Soon, the system may be more disorganized and divided than ever before.

Especially now that the players finally are standing up and making demands.

7 responses to “Will some college conferences postpone and others proceed?

  1. Informal season. No national champion crowned. Bowl games for a few exceptional match ups. No fans or fans less than about 10k.

  2. If the Sec doesnt play, no national champion can be crowned. I dont wanna hear some has been school from the Big 14 claiming a NC for beating up on Rutgers and the hoosiers. Sec ball just means more

  3. You don’t play this sport with amateurs at this time. Don’t ever talk about player development or the student athlete ever again because this is about money and nothing more. Pay the players if you are going to proceed but don’t play under the facade of a student athletes when they can’t even attend class. This is proof that the NCAA is a fraud and could care less about its students.

  4. Any conference that plays is basically admitting that football is a profit center and has nothing to do with academics. Just pay the players and forget about school

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