Brian Callahan: The more Joe Mixon touches the ball, the better for Bengals

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The Bengals have talked about getting a contract extension done with running back Joe Mixon before the start of the 2020 season and they also have big ideas about how to use him during the season.

Mixon only had 101 carries and 320 carries midway through the 2019 season, but saw his usage spike over the second half of the season. He finished the year with 278 carries and 1,137 yards while also scoring all five of his rushing touchdowns over the second half of the season.

Offensive coordinator Brian Callahan saw the same results as everyone else and told the team’s website recently that the plan is to make heavier use of Mixon right out of the gate this season.

“He gets better as he gets more carries. As the season went along we got better getting him more touches,” Callahan said. “When he’s touching the ball 20 plus times, the total at the end of the game means his numbers are usually pretty good. He’s been very effective as far as just pure touches. Carries and catches. The more Joe touches the ball the better it is for our offense, without a doubt. All the ways we can find to get him the ball, the better it’s going to be.”

It’s always easier to pile on carries while playing from in front and that wasn’t something the Bengals did much of last season. If the arrival of quarterback Joe Burrow, return of wide receiver A.J. Green and addition of other players this offseason help on the scoreboard, Mixon could wind up as the first Bengals back with more than 300 carries since Cedric Benson in 2010.

6 responses to “Brian Callahan: The more Joe Mixon touches the ball, the better for Bengals

  1. “He’s just not a very nice human being.”

    What he did in college was horrible, but that was 4 years ago. Ever since he’s been a Bengal he’s been a model player. He’s a team player and involved in the community. Some people don’t believe people can change but I think he has.

  2. “Some people don’t believe people can change but I think he has.”

    Most fans believe that because he’s good at football. And that’s what matters to them. It’s natural. But I’m willing to bet players on other teams are not changing.

  3. This young man has turned his life around as much as Ive ever seen for a guy who came in with the baggage he had. He has been nothing short of fantastic in the leadership dept and keeping his nose clean. Good luck Joe and WHO DEY!

  4. So, why no extension yet?

    It is coming. Joe wants to stay and the team wants him to stay. He just wants to be paid. I see a 40 mil, 4 year deal coming soon. It will likely come after final cuts to see who they may want to grab before finalizing it. IMO he will be a fixture here. The Bengals seldom let top players leave with Zeitler and Whitworth being the exceptions. Whitworth was an acknowledged mistake. Zeitler, not so much considering the over the top contract a cash and cap right offer the Browns offered. The realized it to and shipped his contract elsewhere.

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