John Ursua received negative test one day after positive one, hopeful to return to Seahawks soon

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Seahawks wide receiver John Ursua became the first player from the team to land on the COVID-19 reserve list on Sunday.

In an interview with Rob DeMellos of KHON2, Ursua said he had a positive test returned on Saturday night. Since then he’s been tested again with the results of that test being negative.

“It’s been a crazy experience, kind of a roller coaster if you may, where I get the news late (Saturday) night that I tested positive,” Ursua said. “I’m kind of concerned thinking that I’m going to be quarantined for the next 12 to 14 days and then come yesterday’s test results come back and it’s negative.”

With the negative test just one day after the positive one, an asymptomatic Ursua is hopeful that the positive test was a false result and a second follow-up test will come back negative as well so he can return to the team.

“I was extremely shocked. Just because we’ve been living a pretty isolated life right now. We’re not exactly like the bubble but we kind of treat everything as if it is,” Ursua said. “Our food is delivered to us, we only get to go to the facility and come back to the hotel. We do all of our meetings here at the hotel. They try to keep us out of restaurants, out of closed off areas, so they’re doing a great job.

“So when I got the news I was like, man, I was the first one on the Seahawks to get it and the only one so far, but I guess I’ve been hearing about how there’s a lot of false positives out there so I was just crossing my fingers hoping that everything would be okay.”

A seventh-round pick last year out of Hawaii, Ursua appeared in three games for Seattle after spending most of the season as a healthy scratch on the inactive list. His only catch of the season nearly won the Seahawks the NFC West as he was stopped inches shy of the goal line in a Week 17 de facto NFC West title game with the San Francisco 49ers.