Bills sign Sean McDermott to contract extension

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Bills head coach Sean McDermott has piloted the team to two playoff berths in his first three seasons on the job and that’s bought him more time to run the team.

The Bills announced on Wednesday that McDermott, who is 25-23 in the regular season, has signed a multi-year contract extension. No further terms were disclosed.

“Sean’s leadership on and off the field has been nothing but genuine and transparent, qualities we appreciate as owners,” the team said in a statement. “He is the same great person to us, the players and everyone across all our organizations. We will never forget how impressed we were during his first interview. Sean’s attention to detail was apparent back then and his process driven approach has brought great stability to our organization. We are happy to extend his contract and keep him in Western New York for many years to come.”

The playoff berth in McDermott’s first season was their first since 1999. His next goals will include their first division title and playoff win since Marv Levy was coaching the team in 1995.

UPDATE 1:25 p.m. ET: Adam Schefter of ESPN reports McDermott is now signed through the 2025 season.

18 responses to “Bills sign Sean McDermott to contract extension

  1. Best Bills HC since Marv Levy. He has had some in-game decisions I didn’t agree with, primarily being too conservative at the end of the first half, but all in all a great coach. Couldn’t be happier.


    Go Bills

  2. This is the head coach that thought Nathan Peterman had the skills to be a starting quarterback in the NFL. If you ever listen to one of his press conferences or interviews, he talks but says absolutely nothing. Beane is the guy in Buffalo.

  3. The Pegulas will be still paying this guy after they fire him just like former Sabres coaches and management.

  4. Guy has a big mouth and was caught yapping unprofessionally towards Dante Scarnecchia before a game in Buffalo.


  5. I’ve never seen a team that is such a direct reflection of the head coach. He preaches process and being 1/11th and all the players follow. The Bills have a window right now before they have to start signing White, Milano, Dawkins, Allen, Edmunds to big contracts.


  6. This guy isn’t perfect but he seems to have the buy in from the players. Loved that Thanksgiving win over Dallas!

  7. Blowing a 16-0 playoff lead doesnt sound like an extension to me but maybe this can be the Bills year before NE gets the right QB …

  8. Sorry New England fans but but just like the Beatles you and Lombardi ain’t getting back together

  9. That’s a lot of scratch for a coach that hasn’t managed to beat any team that finished with 10 or more wins over the past two seasons and whose .521 win rate is largely based upon soft schedules.

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