Cowboys plan to play all their games in front of fans

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been silent for much of the offseason, but he held a video conference with reporters on Wednesday that covered many topics about this unusual NFL season.

One of them was the prospect of having fans in attendance at AT&T Stadium for home games this season. Washington became the latest team to announce they’ll play in an empty stadium earlier in the day, but Jones is still planning on going a different route.

“The Dallas Cowboys plan on playing all of our football games and we plan on playing them in front of our fans,” Jones said.

Jones said the team will adhere to any local or state protocols regarding attendance and they don’t have a number of fans in mind at this point, but he said he thinks the size of the stadium and the number of suites make them capable of having people on hand while maintaining social distancing.

As of now, the state of Texas allows 50 percent capacity for sporting events.

23 responses to “Cowboys plan to play all their games in front of fans

  1. Jerry gonna be on the sidelines in full spacesuit with oxygen tank while everyone else has a thin piece of cloth on their face?

  2. ernstzundel0620 says:
    August 12, 2020 at 1:36 pm
    Finally, someone with common sense who realizes it’s just the flu.

    Unfortunately, as we have seen in this country that should know better common sense is far too common and far less sense.

    Saying it’s just the flu makes about as much sense as saying a horse is a cow.

  3. I doubt Jerry needs to money from fans attending games. I thinks it’s more personal for Jerry. He needs to be adored by Cowboy fans. An empty stadium, will not give him that feeling of admiration he needs. Jerry loves sitting in his box and looking out at the fans.

  4. Has anybody looked at the mortality numbers for athletes under that age of 25?

    I’ll help you out…’s 0%

  5. as a fan , there is no way you’ll gain entrance into any stadium without signing a waiver. Guaranteed.

  6. Nobody is worried about the athletes, or the people attending. It’s who they take it home to, older family, family with preexisting conditions etc.

    That’s how this thing spreads. I happen to be on the side of opening things up, but not in a stadium.

  7. If they can spread out the seating, keep the lid open, check for fevers upon entry, and make masks mandatory; then this might work. Football games are better with crowd noise.

  8. Well you know, Texas has shown such great management of COVID so far, so this totally makes sense. Masks most likely optional for the fans, too.

  9. Sure people are going to get gravely ill and some are going die. But, sure, why not?!? Let’s go for it.

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