Everson Griffen reportedly signing with Cowboys


One of the best remaining 2020 free agents has found a landing spot.

Defensive end Everson Griffen, who spent his entire 10-year career with the Vikings, has agreed to terms with the Cowboys, according to NFL Media.

Griffen beefs up a pass rush led by DeMarcus Lawrence and Aldon Smith. On the surface, the move suggests that the Cowboys perhaps aren’t holding out hope that Randy Gregory will be reinstated. However, the Cowboys (we’re told) are still factoring Gregory into their plans.

He had 8.0 sacks in 2019, with 74.5 for his career. He had a career-high 13.0 sacks in 2017.

41 responses to “Everson Griffen reportedly signing with Cowboys

  1. Damn, will be missed in Minnesota. Great player, great teammate, great person. Dallas got a good one

  2. Hope he does well in Dallas from this Vikings fan. He’s battled his inner demons and I hope he’s overcome them. He was a lot of fun watching on Sundays while in purple.

  3. A 1 year deal for only 6 mil for one of the better Edge players in the game…and it’s for the Cowboys…2020 just keeps getting worse…

  4. Jerry Jones the GM has done a great job assembling talent by acquiring high-risk, high-reward players and hitting on most of them.

    If Bill Belichick the GM hit on half as many as Jerry has, the Pats would likely have ten SB wins over the past two decades.

  5. Damn.. This defensive front has what? 5 starters that have actually done something in their careers?

  6. Really good player but no longer an elite pass rusher. Good at setting the edge though. The cowboys are better with him. That dline should hold ok if they stay healthy. The whole front 7 is good. But that secondary is gonna get torched.

  7. So that’s big. If he has head on straight, super impactful move for a team that needed a defensive player like this.

    Not sure he’s the same super freak, but if he’s close Dallas stacks up nicely in the underwhelming NFC.

  8. The rumor is that he signed a one-year deal for $6 million. It’s hard to believe that the Seahawks, who have the most anemic pass rush in the league, wouldn’t sign him for that. That’s essentially the same deal that they gave Bruce Irvin. Griffin has a lot more in the tank than Irvin at this point.

  9. I truly hope the Cowboys monitor and ensure success in his continued fight with mental wellness. Person first, player second. Disappointed he didn’t end back up in purple but at least he’s not a Packer. Best of luck SackDaddy. SKOL

  10. D-Law, Griffen, Poe, McCoy, Aldon Smith….. Possibly Gregory…. Im not sayin, im just sayin…. That could be formidable.

  11. This is what’s frustrating about being an Eagles fan…. the same week we sign Vinny Curry for the 5th or 6th time, Dallas signs a better free agent at the position. They trade for Amari Cooper, we trade for 1/2 season rental Golden Tate.

  12. The Vikings desperately tried to re-sign Griffen and Griffen rejected all their offers including a final one just before he signed with Dallas. Vikngs GM Rick Speilman is quite “concerned” his roster is totally inadequate.

  13. Dallas fans like to think that there’s still a sense of glory in playing for the cowboys. Reality is that players will sign there because they know they’ll get overpaid. They won’t win playoff games, but they’ll get paid.

  14. Hope this helps the pass rush but that secondary is so poor. I guess just rush all of your linebackers too and hope for the sack.

  15. Was hopeful the Vikings would bring him back, fun player and personality when his head is on right.

  16. I bet McCarthy convinced him, he & Anthony Barr haunted Aaron Rodgers.. Next year wouldn’t surprise me if Rodgers is a Cowboy!

  17. Yak Attack says:
    August 12, 2020 at 10:01 pm
    So, honest insight from Vikings fans. Good player as a rotational DE?


    INTENSE dude. Incredible motor. Fierce competitor, and a great locker room guy. He could still be an every down option IMO, so as a rotational DE…look out!

  18. So, honest insight from Vikings fans. Good player as a rotational DE?
    Certainly not as dominant as he once was. But there’s some tread left on the tires. Like you say, if they use him as a rotational lineman he’ll get some pressure and a few sacks. Not much of a run defender at this point. But a high energy, emotional leader and player. Good guy. The X factor…..he’s battled some mental health demons last few seasons. I pray for his sake he’s got it under control.

  19. So why did the Vikes give up on him?
    I think it’s more the Patriots Way kind of thing. Let a player go a year too early than too late. Vikings have kept the same core defensive team together for 5+ years now. They’re getting old and expensive. Time to reload and get younger/cheaper.

  20. deadinbed says:
    August 13, 2020 at 1:11 am

    So why did the Vikes give up on him?


    You don’t really understand contracts and the salary cap, do you? The Vikings stood by him through thick and thin.

  21. The Vikings didn’t give up on him. There is a YouTube video that claims he turned down a better off from them. This sort of fits with him voiding the last year of his contract to get lawsuits. It sounds like a personal decision, but I am sorry if this is the case. Dallas is getting a heck of a player and maybe the new look Vikings defense will have a different vibe and chemistry that maybe (?) we need.

  22. Surprised the Seahawks didn’t land him. Makes me think something is in the works for Clowney. If Everson got 6 I’m guessing that will make Clowneys number go down. He was wanting 15 plus mil. I’m thinking he lands somewhere in the 8-10 mil for 1 year.

  23. thekraken says:
    August 13, 2020 at 1:49 pm
    Surprised the Seahawks didn’t land him. Makes me think something is in the works for Clowney. If Everson got 6 I’m guessing that will make Clowneys number go down. He was wanting 15 plus mil. I’m thinking he lands somewhere in the 8-10 mil for 1 year.

    No, it doesn’t make Clowney’s number go down. If anything, it makes it go up.
    Griffen was one of the last non-Clowney options that Seattle had to improve their pathetic pass rush. Who’s left now? Clay Matthews? Clowney is in a stronger bargaining position than he was before Griffen signed with Dallas, especially with rookies Darrell Taylor unable to get onto the practice field recovering from a leg stress fracture and Alton Robinson coming into camp fat and out of shape.

    Clowney, being a bit of a head case, isn’t going to sign for anything below what he perceives as his value. Wouldn’t be surprised to see him sitting out the beginning of the season rather than lowering his contract demands.

  24. The Cowboys signed Griffen’s old DL coach (Edwards) this offseason, so I’m hoping this will translate to stability in his mental and physical health.

    They say his play dropped off significantly late in the season, but he had a good showing against the Saints in the playoffs.
    He’s 33yrs old but was consistently a team captain in Minnesota. A good signing for $6M.

    He may be able to parlay this into a Quinn type of deal who was a 1yr rental in Dallas then signed a mega deal with the Bears.

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