Howard Mudd dies two weeks after motorcycle accident

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Longtime NFL offensive line coach Howard Mudd has died as a result of injuries he suffered in a motorcycle accident two weeks ago.

Wednesday brought word that Mudd remained in intensive care and in need of more surgery, but his condition took a turn for the worse and his death was announced a short time later. Mudd’s family wrote in a statement that no funeral is planned, but a celebration of Mudd’s life will be held in the future.

Mudd, who was 78 years old, played for the 49ers and Bears from 1964 to 1970. He made two All-Pro teams and three straight Pro Bowls while with the 49ers and was named to the 1960s All-Decade team.

Mudd then embarked on a coaching career at the University of California. He moved on to work for the Chargers in 1974 and spent time with the 49ers, Seahawks, Browns, Chiefs, Colts, and Eagles before coming back to Indy as a senior offensive assistant last year.

Our condolences go out to Mudd’s loved ones on their loss.

11 responses to “Howard Mudd dies two weeks after motorcycle accident

  1. The Horseshoe mourns. We couldn’t have done so many great things without him.

    Condolences to his family and all of those affected.

  2. Man this sucks. First terelink and now Mudd. I remember those guys as an intern with the colts. Mudd had this super charged mobile that was specifically rented for him. He was a nice guy. Terelink was fiery. Got pissed at the interns because he thought we moved his golf cart

  3. Thank you for all you’ve done for football, your family, and your community. Peace.

  4. “Mudd’s family wrote in a statement that no funeral is planned, but a celebration of Mudd’s life will be held in the future.”

    A very unfortunate side effect of the pandemic is not always being able to mourn those who’ve passed, assuming this was due to Covid.

    Don’t know terribly much about him, but sounded like he lived a good life doing what he wanted. Also, seems like an example of a guy who translated success on the field — even if limited in duration — to success as a positional coach. RIP and condolences. Also, what the hell’s up with the downvotes.

  5. 78 yrs old, takes it to the end of the line on his steel horse. Not a bad way to go. Ride on Mr. Mudd. You rule.

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