Mark Davis optimistic in Year 3 of Jon Gruden-Derek Carr relationship

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The Raiders have gone 4-12 and 7-9 in Jon Gruden’s first two years as head coach, but Raiders owner Mark Davis remains optimistic.

Davis said he believes the wins are going to come, and that’s because it’s Year 3 of quarterback Derek Carr working in Gruden’s offense.

“The best quarterbacks are the ones that have the wins; stats will follow,” Davis said, via ESPN. “But you can’t discount the continuity between Derek and Jon. The longer they’re together, the more osmosis there is. There’s a legitimacy to all of it. Jon has a trust in him, and [Carr] works hard and he’s very, very smart. I think it’s all positive, but you still have to play the damn game.”

A third consecutive losing season would raise serious questions about whether it’s ever going to work out with Carr in Gruden’s offense. And Gruden isn’t going anywhere. So if Carr wants to remain in Las Vegas, the results had better come this year.

18 responses to “Mark Davis optimistic in Year 3 of Jon Gruden-Derek Carr relationship

  1. Is Mark Davis optimistic or is it a test to see how Jon Gruden would react? Gruden loves tests.

  2. They had massive improvement last year without a #1 receiver. You can key on a “losing” season but remember Gruden went for two instead of tying the game in Denver in a week 17 meaningless at that point game. The Raiders ended up 7-9.

  3. Well you finally got Cart some real receivers and you got a great young running back and a great young tight end with a great offensive line, I expect huge things this year, the main question is – Can the defense hold up?

  4. The wr room had improved, but Carr has to get us in the endzone. My only concern is we have great speed at wr, but Carr doesn’t like to take chances downfield.

  5. Carr is under contract for three more seasons at team-friendly cap hits of $21, $22, and $19 million. Granted, the Raiders could move on from Carr after this season with a minimal cap penalty ($2.5 million), his replacement would either A) require almost double his salary (Dak, Cousins), or B) be a career journeyman (Fitzpatrick/Foles type).

  6. This is Carr’s last season as the starter if he doesn’t learn to take intelligent shots downfield and create yardage with his legs. So far, all I have seen is great enthusiasm, good practices and a mediocre win-loss record. If you want a ‘below average’ to ‘average’ team, then Derek Carr is your man.

  7. DC needs to be more creative, give the team a better chance, especialy in those critical moments where everything isnt perfect. Fans know it, coaches know it, other players know it, he knows it. They have talked about it, he has talked about it. Now damnit he needs to do it. If he doesnt its Mariota time at some point.

    I love and have defended Carr, but its time for results.

  8. It is well known that Gruden is not overly fond of Carr and Mayock is shopping. But did Carr really build a custom home next door to Gruden in Vegas? Wow, just wow.

  9. Fourteenth out of 16 AFC teams in points against, last in the AFC in takeaways – fix the defense.

  10. Their issues on offense remind me so much of the Browns… everything riding on the quarterback after surrounding him with talent, except Carr is on a second contract and Baker is going in to year three. Another issue for both teams is the defense, along with a tough opponent at the top of their division. I really hope the Raiders (along with the Browns) can pull it together. Two storied franchises with long-suffering fans.

  11. Raider’s fans don’t care if Carr wins games just as long as he picks up meaningless stats while losing

  12. Only way Gruden wins another title is to swoop in behind a really good coach/ roster. Buffalo would be a solid front runner but they just extended their coach’s contract.

  13. As a Bay Area sports fan, I remember year three of the Bill Walsh led 49ers. They went 2-14, 6-10, and then went 16-3 and won the super bowl their 3rd year. But there’s one minor detail. It was also year one of Joe Montana as the starting QB. Hello Mariota.

  14. Gruden is an inept egomaniac who is more of a politician than a HC. Del Rio was far from perfect but he was a decent HC who inherited a 3-13 team and got the Raiders to the playoffs in his 2nd year. Firing Del Rio and replacing him with Gruden was nothing but a two-bit P.T. Barnum style publicity stunt and the results show on the field.

    The Raiders may get better when Gruden is gone, but the reality is that they won’t return to consistent success unless there’s a change in the ownership.

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