Report: ESPN talked to Sean McVay about Monday Night Football job


Jon Gruden went from the Monday Night Football booth to a NFL head coaching job and another NFL head coach reportedly got a pitch from ESPN about making the opposite move.

Andrew Marchand of the New York Post reports that ESPN approached Rams head coach Sean McVay about taking an analyst job for the Monday slate of games. Per Marchand, the network thinks McVay would be a “standout” in that role.

McVay didn’t take the job and is preparing for his fourth season as the Rams’ head coach. While it would seem like a long shot that McVay would look for another line of work at 34, he has talked about the possibility that the workload required of an NFL head coach could lead to him burning out. A TV gig would offer a lot of money and a far less taxing schedule, so it could come up for discussion again in the future.

With McVay staying in Los Angeles, ESPN will move forward with Steve Levy, Louis Riddick and Brian Griese as the main broadcast team on Monday nights this season.

16 responses to “Report: ESPN talked to Sean McVay about Monday Night Football job

  1. Doesn’t make a whole lot of difference regarding this season.
    Unless they can figure out how to play football from home.

  2. He’s still too young to make that career change. Give him another six to eight years in that NFL pressure cooker and he might be ready to make a change by then.

  3. ESPN is a sinking ship. With that being said, no way McVay would take that. He’s one of the better coaches in the NFL. Plus the dude is only 34. If the Rams ever let him go, there would be a lot of teams wanting to hire him. Monday night football usually sucks anyways. Get rid of Monday night games and switch it to a Saturday night game. Then you have a Saturday night game and all day and night of football on Sunday.

  4. So funny. He’s been a media darling since becoming Rama HC, yet has done little or nothing to deserve the praise that’s been showered upon him. And already he’s talking with suitors about getting out of coaching. Will go down as one of the most over-rated coaches in the sports history.

  5. 2018 seems like a lifetime ago at this point. Thank god the refs didn’t miss Roby blowing up the Saints receiver before the ball got there or the Rams wouldn’t even have their lone SB blowout loss. Let’s be honest, the Rams went all in with all their high 1st round picks on rookie contracts and then busted their salary cap trying to pay them all.

    Other than Aaron Donald’s contract, I can’t think of one move or contract that worked out for them. They are tied to Goff who needs a clean pocket to be an average QB and have one of the worst OLines in football. Bad combination.

    If this team wins a playoff game in the next 5 years it will be a miracle. In other words, ESPN may have found their guy starting in 2021.

  6. McVay still needs to prove he isn’t a one year wonder. After going 13-3 in 2018 with a team borrowing money and draft picks from the future, last year’s 9-7 record might be more of what’s to come for the Rams.

    Oh, and they just gave up 2 first round picks for a cornerback who’s going to demand the biggest contract for a cornerback in NFL history, or walk after 1 year.

  7. The Rams success was built on a ton of misdirection at the line of scrimmage, moving guys all around who had no intention of touching the ball. Tons of motion then hand off to Gurley. Once Gurley went down, defenses figured this out and the Rams stunk again. Not having a 1st round pick for 5 years and investing all your cap money into an average QB doesn’t help either.

  8. John Madden was smart and got out at a young age. There’s only so much stress you can take, and if you have other options, why kill yourself? You can always return to coaching after your kids grow up and your wife is ok with it. Gruden did it. You’re still learning and keeping up with the game. In fact, you’re actually better able to keep up with all 32 teams, and all the new schemes, since you’re watching a lot of tape. Do you see what Romo’s making? I’m thinking Mike Mayock is probably getting offers too. A lot of NFL owners don’t prioritize winning, and so you often get into a situation where you don’t have the organizational support necessary to win.

  9. It is good for him to know he has options! If the Rams do not at least make the playoffs both the team and he may want to call it quits. What would concern me if I am Ram’s management is that he is talking about burnout at such a young age. It is tough to make plans if you don’t know who your coach will be

  10. McVay probably should have taken it. He’s two or three years from getting fired, then maybe another brief HC gig or bouncing around from city to city as OC.

  11. To much money to walk away from. He has the same agent as Jon Gruden, after coaching he can go in the broadcast booth,

  12. As should all of us, do what makes you happy and is important to you, don’t live a life someone else or society wants you to, and it’s never too early or late to change course. If you’d rather be at home and watch your children grow up in your 30s but still be involved in football, be a commentator. If you want to go for the ultimate prize in team sports and make sacrifices along the way, equally valid. Wanting one thing but ultimately doing the other is not wise.

  13. If he took the pitch, it means there was at least some interest. Doesn’t look like McVay is gonna be a Belichick-lifer.

  14. Sounds like hes looking for a soft landing spot in anticipation of getting canned in the near furture.

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