Washington Football Team will play in empty stadium

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

There will be no fans this fall at FedEx Field.

The Washington Football Team announced today that it will not have fans in the stands during the 2020 season, although the team says it will re-evaluate if the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic improves.

The Team said it had worked on a safety plan with local authorities but ultimately decided it just wasn’t feasible to have fans in the stands when the season kicks off with the Eagles coming to town on September 13.

The Team said it will reach out to ticket holders about credits or refunds.

24 responses to “Washington Football Team will play in empty stadium

  1. Washington has played in an empty stadium for 3 years. The difference is now there won’t be fans of the visiting team.

  2. I don’t know. I’m looking forward to seeing some football, no matter how long the season lasts. However, when trying to watch the NHL with no fans in the arena, it seemed as if there was no energy in the building or with the teams. IMO, and I hope NFL games are different, it seemed like I was watching an exhibition game.

  3. I went to one of the games last year. There were more of us Giants fans than Washington fans. Don’t think the team will notice much of a difference.

  4. I guess the only difference here is that the visiting teams fans will not have to travel. Should give The Washington Football Team home field advantage for the first time in decades.

  5. Still find it stunning that they haven’t announced the new name. As to fans I don’t see why they couldn’t start at 25% capacity, require a mask and sign a waiver.

  6. This will actually be a better game day experience for fans instead of being at FedEx Field…

  7. Will they pipe in crowd noise during tv broadcast? I watched some NBA games in the bubble and weird hearing fake crowd noise. I get trying to simulate the experience but … just strange.

  8. Yeah, all the jokes that the stadium was empty of home fans can be saved. We get it. Fans will come when the team is winning. We get it. That means they will be back in 2021. That’s all!

  9. Im sure everybody is splitting their sides laughing at the same jokes ove and over again….However Snyder has done the smart thing this time!

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