Will NFL consider Friday night games?

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Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays will entail football this year. The only question at this point is what kind.

The NFL likely will move some Sunday games to Saturday, if college football doesn’t happen this year. With high school football limited if not gone altogether this year, Fridays may be in play, too.

Mark Maske of the Washington Post both confirms our prior reporting regarding Saturday football, and then expands it to include Friday games.

Whether Friday or Saturday, the NFL first would need a waiver of the primary conditions for the NFL’s longstanding broadcast antitrust exemption: That the NFL televise no games on Fridays or Saturdays from Labor Day through early December. Thus, in exchange for respecting the turf of high school and college football, the NFL received the ability to market games to networks as a group, not as the individual businesses that they are.

The league also would need to get the approval of the NFL Players Association. It’s one thing to move games to Saturdays. Moving games to Fridays would potentially give rise to the same health-and-safety issues that come from playing on Thursdays.

This year, however, the NFL braces to lose billions with no fans at most games and few at the rest. Any way to rebuild the budget should be welcomed by both sides. It that means Saturday games, embrace Saturday games. If that means Friday games, find a way to make it work.

First things first, college football must clear out of Saturdays, and there must be enough of a void when it comes to high school games to justify backfilling Fridays.

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  1. Let’s change it to an 82 game season and they can play every other night. That way I don’t care when I miss a few games. The allure of the NFL is every game matters and changing the scheduling means more than likely people that want to watch the games won’t be able to, when people start missing games they stop caring as much and the league will start to lose its fan base. Bad idea.

  2. There will be no Saturday NFL games. SEC, ACC, and Big 12 say they are all playing, so why would there be Saturday NFL games is those conferences are playing?

  3. High school football is definitely happening, despite you drama queens.

    The NFL can have some Saturday games, they dont need Friday too.

  4. “You mean Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday games because that’s what the NFL will have if Fridays are green lighted. I can live with this. I’m not a degenerate gambler but that will spread the action out as that will open up a larger betting window. I hope that they can just keep the light lit.

  5. Why do you keep thinking there is a need to lessen the lineup of games every Sunday?

    There may be a few weeks at the end of the season with Saturday games, but that’s it. Friday games is 100% not happening. I guarantee it. And I hate guaranteeing things, but this I will.

  6. Fine by me. As it stands almost every week I miss at least one good game while I’m watching the Packers. It’d be real nice to catch those games as well. Not sure everyone is in a tizzy about it!? Oh no, things are changing….how will we ever cope lol. And before anyone says “just DVR the other games”….it’s just not the same. It’s almost impossible not to see the scores and nothing beats live action

  7. Having Friday and Saturday games will greatly increase the number of short weeks teams have to deal with, because ever team will have to share in them. With pandemic rules already in place, there will be even less practice time and the game product may be hurt even more. A Friday night gam,e and a Saturday tripleheader means 8 more teams will have short weeks above the 4 already in place from Thursday and Monday nights. Then you have to make sure a team doesn’t get 2 short weeks in a row… unfair for a team to be scheduled Monday-Sunday-Friday in consecutive weeks.

  8. The NFL and its owners are trying their damndest to try to make as much money as they can because there will be no fans in the stands. All the while small businesses are closing daily.

  9. If they move some of the games to Friday and Saturday, wonder if NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers will plummet, as there will be fewer games available to watch on Sunday.

  10. The NFL is NEVER going to reduce the number of games they can put on TV because that is where the money is at.
    Do you know why The Dallas Cowboys want fans in the stand this year?
    Did you ever pay $100 for a pizza?
    Welcome to Jerryville.

  11. imaduffer says:
    August 12, 2020 at 8:01 pm
    The NFL and its owners are trying their damndest to try to make as much money as they can because there will be no fans in the stands. All the while small businesses are closing daily.


    What does one have to do with the other? Everyone should be trying to make money in times like this.

  12. This will make Sunday Ticket fairly worthless. If more games are on National TV, why am I paying stupid money for the Ticket?

  13. Good article. Well written.

    But the more likely scenario (sorry to write) is either a canceled season……or fewer than 16 games due to postponed games that are never made up due to players getting the virus.

    More likely scenario: division winners are awarded via best percentages, so Minnesota wins the North, for example, with a 9-3 record……with Green Bay 2nd at 8-5, etc. et al.

  14. Not going to happen because there will be college football in the south. Virtually guaranteed. But if not….1 game on Friday, 3 on Saturday, and 4 on Sunday would be pretty cool. That would mean half of each week’s games would be on TV….and THAT will never happen because of their agreement with DirecTV.

    So, nice thing to dream about but college football or no, DirecTV would never give up that much inventory.

  15. udub says:
    August 12, 2020 at 5:59 pm
    High school football is definitely happening, despite you drama queens.

    The NFL can have some Saturday games, they dont need Friday too

    If being concerned about more than 150k deaths from a highly contagious virus makes me a drama queen , i’ll wear the crown with pride.

    Unreal , simply unreal.

  16. In a year like this year who wouldn’t want NFL football Thursday – Monday? This isn’t a normal year so I say we see as much NFL ball as possible. Next year go back to what it was. Those of us without Sunday Ticket could see how the other side lives for one season.

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