Bruce Arians: Tom Brady gets cussed out like everybody else

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The Buccaneers, of course, didn’t have an offseason with their new quarterback, though Tom Brady led his own workouts. The offense goes against the defense for the first time in Friday’s practice, giving Brady and the Bucs a month to figure it all out.

Coach Bruce Arians isn’t fretting Brady’s lack of time in the offense and with his (mostly) new teammates.

“Yeah, he’s probably the least of my worries right now,” Arians said Thursday, via Jenna Laine of ESPN. “He’s where he needs to be. We need to get more live reps. Blocking, tackling. This game’s a blocking and tackling game. Fourteen days to block and tackle. Is that enough? And I hate tackling ourselves. We don’t want to road-block ourselves, but we’ve got to get ready to play a game. I think that’s the biggest disadvantage — not being in pads and not playing fast.”

Arians’ first look at his new quarterback and offense against something other than air will give the coach an idea of where the Bucs are. They put on pads Monday.

“Just playing fast,” Arians said. “He knows what he’s doing. But now the speed is going to pick up for the first time for him. Seeing how he processes the information that he thinks he knows and we’ll find out what he does know and doesn’t know at a much higher pace, and we haven’t gone against our defense and we’re very complicated defensively, so it’ll be a lot of fun for him.”

Arians doesn’t treat the six-time Super Bowl champion any differently than any other player. He’s “just another guy,” Arians said last week.

“He gets cussed out like everybody else,” Arians said Thursday. “He did a little bit yesterday because he likes to throw the ball in walk-throughs and we don’t throw the ball in walk-throughs. But not very bad.”

6 responses to “Bruce Arians: Tom Brady gets cussed out like everybody else

  1. Sounds like everyone’s just having fun. Arians is excited. He’s just keeping quiet, and hoping to play a season. He’s probably more confident right now than he’s ever been going into a season.

  2. This is the first time in years that Brady is free from the “Patriot Way”. He’s going to be a little bit arrogant & belligerent.
    He feels he’s earned the right to do things the way he wants. Arians isn’t going to be cussing out Tom Brady.

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