Eagles looking for big things from Greg Ward

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The Eagles were forced to turn to wide receiver Greg Ward because they ran out of other options last season and they saw enough from him to go into this season with heightened expectations for his role in the offense.

Ward caught 28 passes for 254 yards and a touchdown in seven games for an injury-ravaged offense late last season and head coach Doug Pederson was asked on Wednesday if that’s earned him a spot in this year’s corps. Pederson said it did and noted that he and quarterback Carson Wentz have established a good rapport.

“The one thing now as he goes into this season, he’s in that rotation, in that starting mix for us,” Pederson said. “It’s just a matter of him embracing every day, getting better. Being a former quarterback, he understands our offense. Being in our offense, he knows the concepts and the routes. He and Carson have a really good feel for one another. I think for him now it’s just a matter of continuing to get better each and every day and putting in the work. We expect some really big things from Greg. He can also be a leader. He can be a leader of that group. Him and DeSean Jackson, Alshon Jeffery, these guys, they can be leaders now and mentors to these young players.”

Pederson’s answer might be different if Jeffery were healthy at the moment or if Marquise Goodwin had not opted out of playing this season, but those things are true and three other receivers were drafted this April. All of that leaves Ward in position to make an impact for the Eagles this season.

2 responses to “Eagles looking for big things from Greg Ward

  1. The Eagles waited way to long to get this guy on the field last year. JJAW played ahead of him and did not belong on the field at all and unless he shows something could be out of football next year.

    Ward is a competent football player which is something you couldn’t say for many of the other Eagles WRs last year (exlcuding Jackson who only played 1 game).

    That said he is still only a complimentary player. It would benefit the Eagles if the young WRs played well enough to limit his playing time.

  2. Hope he gets on the field, lately, we have had too many WR’s unable to help the team from the rehab table. Coach him up, and get him more experience- I’ll take “ascending to a solid player” type like Ward over an injured star, or over-drafted underachiever with a ‘high ceiling’… it is really is an easier choice than typically thought. W’s are what is important- that means everyone playing to win and get a job like it really does depend on solid performance. Good luck Ward, you have folks rooting for you and the team to get better.

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