George Kittle agrees to five-year, $75 million extension

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49ers tight end George Kittle dismissed a report on Wednesday that he’d come to agreement with the team on a contract extension, but signs pointed toward a deal getting done soon and word that it is complete arrived on Thursday.

NFL Media reports that Kittle and the 49ers have agreed on a five-year, $75 million extension. That marks a big jump in terms of average annual salary for a long-term deal over the contract that Austin Hooper signed with the Browns this offseason and would leave Kittle just outside the top 10 wide receivers in that category.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports that the deal includes an $18 million signing bonus.

Kittle was looking for something more than “tight end money” in his next deal and the numbers show that the 49ers agreed that his value to the offense put him in a different category.

28 responses to “George Kittle agrees to five-year, $75 million extension

  1. Big money for a TE, but totally deserved. The guy is a monster in the receiving game and blocking.

  2. He earned whatever salary he received from that amazing play against the Saints when he turned into a human steamroller.

  3. Travis Kelce’s agent just contacted the Chiefs. “We’re going to need $75 million + $1”

  4. Niners got a bargain! Add this year to the deal and its 6 years, $77 million, or approx $12.5 million AAV. Halfway through the deal, Kittle will be watching slightly above average tight ends surpass him in salary.

  5. Now take a look down the roster. Who’s not getting signed over paying Kittle? Thats the NFL these days, Not For Long!

  6. Sunday Swami says:
    July 31, 2020 at 9:31 am
    dlw492 says:

    July 31, 2020 at 9:02 am

    Hooper’s contract wasn’t even that big when it comes to guaranteed money. Njoku will still make more money than Hooper in the long run. Hooper has talent, but he’s being brought in to make the TE room better. Competition in most cases, can be great!
    It was the highest contract ever given for a tight end with OVER half guaranteed so to say it wasnt that big is disingenuous at best and an outright lie at worst.

  7. Wow that is a huge contract for a Tight End, granted he is as much of a WR as a TE and has a great skillset, but $15MM/year in new money . . . that is a lot of cabbage. San Fran better draft well, as they will be losing veterans at other positions due to not have salary cap available!

  8. Smart move for Kittle getting this deal locked in before the new salary caps the next few years.

  9. These deals make me love belichick more and more he spreads the money around and builds teams not top heavy collections of talent.

  10. So here we are with a guaranteed reduction of the salary cap coming for at least a few years and teams are still handing out massive contracts, how foolish can teams be?

    BTW depending on how the numbers are worked out this should put the 49er’s under $2mil of cap space left for this season.

  11. bkinacti0n says:
    August 13, 2020 at 12:35 pm
    Niners got a bargain! Add this year to the deal and its 6 years, $77 million, or approx $12.5 million AAV. Halfway through the deal, Kittle will be watching slightly above average tight ends surpass him in salary.

    Not happening with the salary cap set to drop like a rock over the next few years and then it’ll slowly come back up, but what one can bet on is that all these contracts that’ve been given in the last couple of years will be reworked in the next year or two or a lot of those players will be shown the door if they refuse to take a pay cut = BANK IT!

  12. Great signing by the Niners. Kittle is the heart and soul of this offense and the team. He got a big raise, but not too big. For everyone who is saying the Niners have “ruined their salary cap,” that is yet to be determined. Until we see the exact details of the deal and how the cap gets affected by the coronavirus, no one knows for sure if the 49ers have overpaid.

  13. He’s the face of the franchise, not Jimmy G. Kittle is the consummate professional, hard working, insane blocking ability, RAC, non-complainer and tough as nails. Not sure what the rest of you are watching, but this guy motivates the whole team. Even when he’s not part of the play, you have to account for him. Now if Reed stays healthy, watch out for our 22 personnel! Mostert, Juszczyk, Kittle, Reed…. Who cares at WR? Once Deebo is back, scary.

  14. Good for George! Each team has to pay their prima dodna who their fans adore.
    You obviously have no idea what you’re talking about. This guy is the best teammate possible and a stud on and off the court. He gives hope that Gen Z is far better than the millennials.

  15. Best tight end in football no doubt. This is still way to much money to spend at the tightend position. Its bad team building in the salary cap era.

  16. Well deserved. Dude’s a beast. As a Seahawk fan, I hate facing him twice a year, but it’s nice that he’s now taking a decent bit out of the 9ers salary cap.

  17. Definition of a no brainer. Can’t stand the niners but Kittle is a certified beast.

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