Josh Jacobs looking for 60 catches this season

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Josh Jacobs had an impressive rookie year for the Raiders in 2019 and he’s set his sights on doing even more during his second season with the team.

Jacobs caught 20 passes while racking up 1,150 rushing yards last year and he caught 48 passes over three seasons at Alabama, but he thinks he’s capable of making a much bigger impact as a receiver. Jacobs said he has a variety of things he’d like to improve about his game and growing as a receiver is among them.

He said his goal is to catch “at least 60 balls this year” and spent time this offseason working to prepare himself for that kind of production.

“I worked on a lot of things that receivers do,” Jacobs said, via Vincent Bonsignore of the Las Vegas Review-Journal. “Not necessarily just running back routes, whether it’s getting off the line or how it’s stacked on top. I’ve been working on all the technical things that receivers do. I’m trying to implement that into my own style and bring what I can to the table.”

The Raiders drafted wide receivers Henry Ruggs and Bryan Edwards to go with the returning Tyrell Williams and tight end Darren Waller. They also have Jalen Richard, who has 160 catches in four years, in the backfield, so the number of options at hand might limit the number of balls that can go Jacobs’ way.

Whatever the final stats, a more complete Jacobs will be a welcome addition to the Raiders Offense in 2020.

4 responses to “Josh Jacobs looking for 60 catches this season

  1. Jacobs has a lot of “dog” in him. He’s tough as nails. And he’s only 22. The Raiders have a true workhorse tailback for 5+ years. Complete stud.

  2. Jacobs is the real deal, a back who can pick the team up on his shoulders and drag us to a win. I love the goal-setting, but he’s not going to get 60 catches when Carr has Waller, Ruggs, Williams, Renfrow and Moreau to feed.

  3. The Raiders drafted Lynn Bowden out of Kentucky in the 3rd round. They added a lot of exciting players, but none more exciting than Bowden. Bowden is the guy you have to defend out of the backfield. He’s the best open field runner the Raiders have had in as long as I can remember. Josh Jacobs is an all around stud RB, but he’s not going to have to carry the load all by himself. The one thing I can promise you is Gruden’s going to have a lot of fun designing plays for all these guys. Although I think it’s going to take Mariota to get them into the championship game.

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