Kyler Murray: Definitely possible to have three 1,000-yard receivers this year

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The trade bringing wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona has raised the expectations for the Cardinals Offense in 2020 and quarterback Kyler Murray isn’t downplaying the potential of the unit.

Murray was on a conference call with reporters on Thursday and he was asked about the possibility that Hopkins, Larry Fitzgerald and Christian Kirk could all finish the season with at least 1,000 receiving yards. Murray said that he believes that could happen.

“Oh, yeah for sure. I definitely think that’s possible,” Murray said, via Josh Weinfuss of

Fitzgerald was part of the last offense with three 1,000-yard receivers with the Cardinals in 2008, so it’s not something that happens all that often. That hasn’t stopped Cowboys wideout from thinking along the same lines as Murray about what the 2020 season will bring.

The good news for the Cardinals is that if the addition of Hopkins and growth of Murray spur the offense to the level many have predicted, how the wealth is spread around probably won’t be at the forefront of anyone’s mind.

12 responses to “Kyler Murray: Definitely possible to have three 1,000-yard receivers this year

  1. Possible? Sure. Be confident, kid. I’d just aim for some wins, though, and maybe chill on the self-agrandizing. Look at what all those passing yards did for the Buccaneers last year.

  2. THERES NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!!!!!!!1

    .. what a blow hard.. a bit full of himself? too much…

    just take all the runs he did – as throws, and THAT won’t be enough.

    Fitz isn’t breaking away from anyone.. to do this he would have to have all three of these guys have 80 yard TD slant routes.. EACH WEEK!
    sorry man, the speed isn’t there.

    what a bunch of nonsense. stupid click bait.. but its really sad folks will believe this crap.

  3. Is it possible to have a winning record? Nah, who cares about that kind of meaningless thing

  4. 1,200-1,000-800 where three players average 1,000 — that feels more plausible.

  5. They have potential and some great players, but their defense still has problems. They need to stack their team now with talent and try and win it all within the next couple years because it gets a lot harder when you have to pay your QB.

  6. I still give them a shot to finish ahead of the Rams. Things finally seem to be looking up for them and there is absolutely no pressure on them while there’s a ton on the Rams.

  7. Let’s hang onto all these comments and visit them again at the end of the year…. Enjoy watching Kyler perform his magic my friends!

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