NCAA cancels fall Division I championships, leaving only FBS football trying to play

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The NCAA canceled all of its Division I championships Thursday, a week after doing the same at the Division II and Division III levels.

The NCAA Board of Governors, though, only has the authority to suspend NCAA championships, not the FBS postseason. The 10 FBS conferences control the College Football Playoff.

So FBS football — with not all of its conferences or all of its teams — is the only fall sport at any level proceeding.

“We cannot, at this point, have fall NCAA championships,” NCAA president Mark Emmert said in a video.

Emmert said the NCAA will attempt to have fall sports championships in the spring. Those sports include volleyball, cross country and soccer.

“There are ways to do this,” Emmert said. “I’m confident we can figure this out. If schools and conferences want to move forward and . . . more than half want to do it, let’s do it.”

Among the Power 5 football conferences, the ACC, SEC and Big 12 are moving forward with attempting to play this fall. The Pac-12 and Big Ten already have postponed football.

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  1. We cannot at this point have fall championships? So why does the ncca pretend to govern the group of 5?
    Just make it official already . sec big 12 big 10 acc pac12 should leave the NCAA next year. It’ll make it more interesting. I hate seeing Alabama play New Mexico St. No one wants to see a 64-7 game

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