Pete Carroll takes a few shots at Gregg Williams

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Jets defensive coordinator Gregg Williams suggested on Thursday that former Jets safety Jamal Adams may grow bored in Seattle, explaining that the Seahawks “don’t use their safety-type things and all the different complexities of maybe not showing what they’re doing as much as we do.”

Seahawks coach Pete Carroll, appearing on KJR in Seattle with Dave “Softy” Mahler, responded by saying of Williams: “We don’t make as many mistakes as he does.”

Separately asked to explain what Adams brings to the Seahawks as a pass rusher, Carroll said, “He’s not bringing Gregg Williams with him, that’s for sure.”

The full interview can be heard here. And the Seahawks and Jets can be seen on the same field in December.

16 responses to “Pete Carroll takes a few shots at Gregg Williams

  1. I’ll stick with Coach Carroll & what has worked the last decade. If any player gets bored, they can get over it by beating their counterparts and winning the games.

  2. Never knew Carroll could get salty. Guess Gregg Williams really got under his skin 🙂

  3. Not a Petey fan, but dislike Williams a lot more. That was beautiful.

    Greg Williams is lucky to be employed.

  4. Pete Carroll’s allowed to have a little fun. He’ll get the last laugh on Jamal Adams.

  5. Yes, we do the safe, boring stuff, like not putting bounties on other teams’s players.

  6. This feels like forced build up to a meaningless game that the NFL knows the Seahawks are going to wipe the floor with the JETS. So they’re trying to create this drama between Bell and Adams and Pete and Gregg….I mean it kind of does make it more interesting…

  7. petey really needs to be careful when shooting back at folks….especially when telling folks to hit back. All they have to say is “i wouldve ran marshawn” and its a done deal!!! 🎤 drop and move on.

  8. Pete Carroll’s allowed to have a little fun. He’ll get the last laugh on Jamal Adams.

    That’s laugh in itself.

    Adams’ shelf life is 1-2 seasons max. He will get his deal after next season and with Wilson and a few other good players due for new deals, the cut, slash and burn chapter will begin. Adams will destroy Seattle in so many ways. He is as self-centered and backstabbing as any player in the game. His teammates will need armored vests to protect themselves. Carroll is clearly planning to be gone after the next two years. He will not stay to clean up this mess. If there is a season this year, it will be a joke. Jets absolutely slammed this deal while Seattle went all in on a one/two and done stab at the SB.

  9. ghjjf says:
    August 13, 2020 at 10:23 pm
    Watch out Pete, you just invited a bounty upon you!

    How do you put a bounty on a coach? Do you expect a defensive lineman to run off the field and tackle Carroll? Seriously makes no sense.

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