Saints list rookie Tommy Stevens as a tight end, not a quarterback

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Tommy Stevens was a college quarterback, first at Penn State and then at Mississippi State, but his NFL future is at tight end.

The Saints made that official when they put out a training camp roster that listed Stevens at quarterback and revealed he has been assigned the jersey No. 85.

Stevens is 6-foot-5 and 237 pounds and the kind of athlete who could conceivably play tight end at the NFL level. The Saints have also shown with Taysom Hill that they know how to use a player’s talents creatively, so Stevens may play multiple roles in New Orleans.

Given that the Saints have Drew Brees and Jameis Winston in addition to Hill, it was always a long shot that Stevens would make the roster as a seventh-round rookie quarterback. Now it’s official that if he’s going to make the Saints, it will be as a tight end.

3 responses to “Saints list rookie Tommy Stevens as a tight end, not a quarterback

  1. The Saints didn’t sign this kid to be the back up, of the back up, of the back up at QB. The Saints want him on the field of play as a contributor.

  2. I see a major special teams contributor here and he can play a similar role that Hill has played.

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