Jon Gruden’s full comments from Friday on Marcus Mariota


Raiders coach Jon Gruden made some waves on Friday by making some strong comments about new backup quarterback Marcis Mariota.

Bits and pieces of the remarks from Gruden made their way to Twitter. In the interests of completeness and clarity, we listened to the entire comments on Mariota. They appear below.

Gruden was asked to discuss Mariota’s transition. Here’s what Gruden said: “He’s interesting. He took off a couple times today, really fired me up. He’s been hurt. Looked like the ankle has really turned the corner. He’s a dazzling playmaker with his feet, and that’s the key to his game. So I saw that, glimpses of that today. It was exciting. Started off slow in seven-on-seven, but picked it up. Had a nice day. Had a really nice day.”

That’s enough to raise eyebrows. It’s enough to get the attention of starter Derek Carr, who has said he’s tired of being disrespected — and who thereafter was called out by a team employee who works on the team’s radio broadcasts. Whether it’s enough to put Mariota in position to leapfrog Carr ultimately hinges on how Carr performs.

14 responses to “Jon Gruden’s full comments from Friday on Marcus Mariota

  1. I love all these unsubstantiated, machiavellian plots Gruden allegedly perpetrates against his QB’s. Gruden likes Carr. He’s better than anyone available. He’s a top 15 QB. Granted, he’s a bit of a baby and he talks too much but he’s still a good QB no matter how much Florio hates him.

    It’s so funny. Every time there’s a snippet on Carr, he twists it into some sort of criticism or conspiracy theory that Gruden is insulting or getting rid of Carr.

  2. Gruden will use him similar to how Sean Payton uses Taysom Hill – at least until he breaks.

  3. billinva says:
    August 15, 2020 at 2:32 pm
    Carr won’t be there long.

    That’s been said for seven years running, and it’s aging like milk.

  4. I like Jon Gruden, but he like to mess with his QB’s heads to much. He praises one QB hoping to get more out of the other QB. He’s been doing this his entire career. You can’t keep messing with a QB head, before you destroy your QB’s confidence.

  5. humb0lt says:
    August 15, 2020 at 10:21 pm
    Derek Carr got paid and became David Carr.


    Yes. This. Every year Derek plays more and more like David.

  6. Have you seen the Raiders schedule? Man, its not easy. Prediction: they will start 1-4 and the Dereck Carr era will be ovah.

  7. he was missing his targets, overthrowing receivers and throwing balls at their feet. That’s why Mariota is the backup and car is the franchise quarterback. If Antonio Brown had not been an idiot last year and lost his mind, the Raiders could have contended with anybody in the league.

  8. Who care, the Raiders won’t make the playoffs anytime soon. They may squeak in and lose right away with NO QBS on the roster, but they can’t compete against the Broncos and KC in that division.

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