Green means go for Panthers quarterbacks

Getty Images

New Panthers coach Matt Rhule said his practices were going to resemble the ones he ran in college.

His quarterbacks, at least, look like they might fit in at Baylor.

Via Joe Person of, one of the immediately visible changes in the Panthers’ routine under the rookie coach is that quarterbacks are wearing green jerseys in practice.

“My quarterbacks have always either worn orange or green,” Rhule said. “Red to me just means, ‘Hey, I’m an injured player.’ We want our quarterbacks to stay healthy, so put them in green.”

There’s still enough of a contrast with their blue and white practice jerseys that there shouldn’t be any confusion, but that was just one of the things players are getting used to.

That includes music during team periods of practice (creating a distraction that forces them to focus) and a faster tempo, with players going straight from stretching to a full-speed team period.

Right tackle Taylor Moton said it felt like Rhule wanted to “bang out 2½ hours’ worth of practice into 1½.”

“The practice that we’re doing is just kinda how I was raised in football. It just seems natural to me,” Rhule said. “We want to move efficiently from drill to drill, have great energy, work really hard and then get out of there. We don’t want to be on the field longer than we have to. But we want to make sure that while we’re out there we put great reps on tape.”

Of course, the changes in Carolina go beyond a coach or a shirt color or the clock, so the adjustment period is going to last a while.