Jason Wright named president of Washington Football Team

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The Washington Football Team has a new president.

A statement on Monday morning announced that Jason Wright has been appointed team president. Wright will be responsible for the business side of the organization, including operations, finance, sales, and marketing.

“This team, at this time, is an ideal opportunity for me,” Wright said in a statement. “The transformation of the Washington Football Team is happening across all aspects of the organization — from football to operations to branding to culture — and will make us a truly modern and aspirational franchise. We want to set new standards for the NFL.”

Wright is the first black president of an NFL team. He spent seven years as a running back with the 49ers, Falcons, Browns, and Cardinals before getting his M.B.A. and working for McKinsey & Company. He became a partner in the consulting firm’s operations division.

10 responses to “Jason Wright named president of Washington Football Team

  1. Northwestern and then the University of Chicago for an MBA. Impressive background.

  2. “The Washington Football Team”….what a great name!


    Since people whined about “Washington Redskins”, what else were they supposed to name the team? Can’t rebrand overnight. It takes time.

  3. Let’s see what the trolls have to say about this move.

    It took 20 years but Dan is finally listening to the correct people and thinking outside of the box.

    Dan has never had a issue spending money. He has never had qualified people to point him in the right direction on what to spend it on. Now that is changing. I always thought Dan could be a monster owner with the proper people in place. Watch out NFL. We’re finally on our way. This time next year we will be back in the thick of it. Back to the 80’s. (10 years, 4 SB appearances)

    1.) Ron Rivera — Minority head coach
    2.) Julie Donaldson — First female to lead the radio broadcast
    3.) Jason Wright — First African American Team President in NFL History

    This is only the beginning. Chase Young for President.

  4. This a really great move by this organization! His resume is excellent, reputation up standing, and a network of friends and professionals who would vouch for him in a NewYork minute. Jason will be able to lead and raise the organization from the ground up making the community proud once again….

    Congratulations Washington! I look forward to watching your raise from the ashes with Jason.

  5. Hmmmmmmm. As long as he’s the right man, I mean, person for the job, congratulations!!

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