Joe Judge makes Giants’ players, coaches run laps for mistakes

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As he presides over his first training camp, Joe Judge is proving himself to be an old-school football coach.

Judge, the Giants’ first-year head coach, was making both players and coaches run laps when mistakes were made on the practice field when the Giants had their first padded practice today.

There are consequences for making mistakes,” Judge said, via Pat Leonard of the New York Daily News.

Giants wide receiver Sterling Shepard said he hasn’t had to run laps for making a mistake since “probably middle school,” but the lesson is clear: Don’t make mistakes.

“It’s going to take everybody buying in if we’re going to be the team we want to be,” Shepard said.

Judge has promised to take a disciplined approach to coaching the Giants, and he’s showing that off today.

7 responses to “Joe Judge makes Giants’ players, coaches run laps for mistakes

  1. I hated running laps when I was 12 yo and I get the point…regardless, you don’t think about the mistakes you made when your huffing and puffing around the backstops…you just are thinking how much you can’t stand the coach! Will this really work with grown men?

  2. Good luck. It’s been proven time and again that kind of coaching no longer works, especially in today’s NFL.

  3. Giants have come full circle since cutting ties with Tom Coughlin, back to the disciplinarian method they had when they were winning. Good luck with that.

  4. “What a world we live in where accountability makes headlines.”

    Spot on. Same guys crying about accountability for mistakes will be the ones hopping offside. Anyone who pulls the “I’m a grown man” card or says that just doesn’t work anymore…it does work. The most talented team will fail without discipline and accountability, the worst teams talent wise sometimes rise above because they have those two traits.

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