UNC quickly pivots to online only classes for undergraduates

Getty Images

Apparently, there can and will be college football without college.

The University of North Carolina, after only one week of classes, has ditched in-person instruction for all undergraduate classes, as of Wednesday.

Via the Daily Tar Heel, the decision flows from the fact that the COVID-19 positivity rate spiked from 2.8 percent last week to 13.6 percent this week. The school as of Monday had 177 students in isolation and 349 students in quarantine.

North Carolina plays football in the ACC, and the ACC fully intends to play this fall. The fact that football will proceed at a time when classes won’t further exposes the reality that big-time college football is far less aimed at providing students with a more well-rounded campus existence than it is at generating as much money as possible.

Then again we already knew that, didn’t we?