Fresh Giants Super Bowl XLII jersey controversy emerges

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The Giants’ unlikely win over the Patriots in Super Bowl XLII continues to create unexpected controversies.

The latest comes from a dispute regarding the authenticity of Michael Strahan’s game-worn jersey from what was his final NFL game.

Via, Goldin Auctions currently is auctioning the jersey. The only problem? According to, Strahan privately contends that he has the jersey in his home.

The answer possibly resides in the lawsuit filed against the Giants and quarterback Eli Manning regarding fraudulent game-worn memorabilia. The complaint in the litigation at one point claimed that Giants clubhouse attendant Edward Skiba sold Strahan’s Super Bowl XLII jersey, giving Strahan a replica that was made to look like Strahan had actually worn it during the game, “even adding Gatorade stains to the fabric.”

If the report regarding Strahan’s contention is accurate, Strahan needs to go on the record, and someone needs to clear up whether the item being auctioned — with a current high bid of $42,000 —  if the actual game-worn jersey or a fake.

9 responses to “Fresh Giants Super Bowl XLII jersey controversy emerges

  1. wow

    this organization approves of wife beaters, cheating with illegal communications and numerous other who knows what kind of controveries that we don’t even know about as Goodell works first and foremost for both ny owners and has for 15 years.

  2. How would Strahan know if it was real or not? If someone swapped the jersey and went through the trouble of staining it, it would be far less likely that Strahan would question it than a guy paying $42,000 would. Chances are that the jersey in Strahan’s home is a fake, and the one on auction is actually the game worn jersey.

  3. i don’t know Strahan, if the image in the TMZ article of the framed jersey is the one you have at home it appears to be a manufactured fake. im not saying the jersey couldn’t have gotten that dirty after the game, but the pictures of strahan right after the game show him wearing a jersey that is not even close to as dirty as the one shown in the frame.

  4. Another article for patriot fans to cry on. 18-1 lives on forever hahahahaha.
    Yeah, it’s too bad the Pats didn’t go onto win a total of SIX Super Bowls, oh wait they did!!

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