Mike McCarthy: An injury like Gerald McCoy’s makes you sick

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Cowboys defensive tackle Gerald McCoy was lost for the season with a torn quadriceps tendon on the first day of padded practice on Monday. Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy felt awful seeing it happen.

“Very, very unfortunate. It makes you sick on a personal level, anytime you see a player go through this type of injury,” McCarthy said, via Michael Gehlken of the Dallas Morning News. “I can’t tell you what he has meant to our D-line in the short time we’ve been together.”

McCarthy did say he’s confident the Cowboys can bounce back from losing a player they were counting on.

“Overall depth of the defensive line is something we feel we’re in good shape there,” McCarthy said. “The younger players are always going to have to step up. . . . [McCoy’s injury] definitely heightens the awareness and urgency of younger players stepping up.”

The 32-year-old McCoy, a six-time Pro Bowler, signed a three-year, $18.3 million contract with the Cowboys this year. It’s possible that the Cowboys will decide to move on from him next year to avoid paying a $5 million base salary to an aging veteran coming off a bad injury. It’s possible that McCoy’s time with the Cowboys is over before it began.

5 responses to “Mike McCarthy: An injury like Gerald McCoy’s makes you sick

  1. If you’ve ever heard a tendon snap, it’s like the loudest rubber band you’ve ever heard in your life. Had to have been terrible.

  2. As a Packer fan, and therefore not a Cowboys fan, this stinks. Another part of this that stinks is how injuries affect teams. When I am King there will be no season ending injuries. That will be an executive order I will sign day one of my administration.

  3. That’s why picking results is so hard in the NFL. Tell me who is on the injury list and I’ll be happy to predict their team’s win/loss record. Especially if the injuries occur to one position or positions that work actively together such an the O-Line. I remember when Washington was hiring offensive linemen off the street. One guy left a tryout in Charlolette and was told to hightail to DC where he started that week.

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