NFL’s COVID-19 reserve list shrinks to 12

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As the NFL moves closer to the first game of the 2020 season (it’s only 22 days away), the NFL is moving closer to no players on the COVID-19 reserve list.

Currently, the total number has dropped to 12.

It’s a great sign for the league as it relates to the handling of the situation, but the latest test of the NFL’s procedures and theories arrived on Monday, with the commencement of widespread padded practices.

The league believes that transmission is unlikely in an open-air setting, even as players breathe, bleed, spit, cough, and sweating in close quarters. If a player slips through the cracks with while shedding the virus and enters that fray what will happen? That remains to be seen.

It remains critical that everyone continue to do everything that they should to avoid catching the virus and then bringing it to the facility. One head coach expressed dismay over the weekend regarding the league’s recent effort to tout the success to date of the testing program, both as it relates to the possibility that some players may become complacent and as it relates to the notion of the good, old-fashioned jinx.

Regardless, things currently are indeed going well. The teams seem to be determined to ensure that this continues. To make it continue through the entirety of the 2020 the season will require tremendous commitment and focus. So far, the good news is that it seems to be working.

11 responses to “NFL’s COVID-19 reserve list shrinks to 12

  1. A good start, but if one player who is positive stops through it could go downhill quickly.

  2. This is why I like Mike. He can crap on the notion of an idea working, but still report fairly when things are going well. Good on you for being a trustworthy component of an often misleading media.

  3. I’m just astonished that a virus with a fatality rate as high as Covid hasn’t offed one of these players yet. Its the end of the world and these guys are playing football??? A child’s game??!! Its 99.97% lethal!! Where is the NFLPA to save these players??….. 😉

  4. Well golly, I guess this is throwing a wrench in to the plans of the “cAnCeL tHe sEaSoN” crowd. There will be a full season, crowds with limited capacity at a lot of games with season ending in Tampa for Super Bowl. You can bank on that you little candy….

  5. It’d be helpful to know what exactly puts guys on the Covid list. Initially I assumed it was guys who’d tested positive but since then there’s been cases like Gardner Minshew who went on the list for like two days so at least part of these guys have to be precautionary measures due to possible exposure.

  6. Did the league go through this in 2009 with the swine flue? COVID has about 6 million cases so far in this country and the 3009 pandemic finished with 55 million… We need to keep this in perspective…

  7. Did the league go through this in 2009 with the swine flue? COVID has about 6 million cases so far in this country and the 3009 pandemic finished with 55 million… We need to keep this in perspective…

    Sure. Deaths in 2009 (from the 55 million cases): 12,469 deaths. Covid (6 million cases): 171,000. Pretty sure there was no need for the league to go through anything for swine flu, since the death rate and hospitalization rate were much, much lower than with Covid-19. If you are trying to prove some point with numbers, you might want to look at all the numbers, not just the ones you cherry pick to make a false point.

  8. The thing about Covid-19 that it does not attack just the lungs, but the heart, liver and other organs. There are aftereffects in patients that had mild symptoms, and it’s worse for patients that had severe symptoms. One baseball player was lost for the season, because he could barely through twenty pitches on the first day of practice due to swelling of his heart muscles, caused by Covid-19. This is an insidious disease, and it isn’t going away anytime soon. The NFL may be able to play a “complete” season, that is enough games to have the Super Bowl, but I doubt it well be able to play a full season, that it sixteen games, plus the playoffs and the Super Bowl. I also don’t think the games are going to be as good as they would be without the pandemic, because the league has cancelled the pre-season so the players won’t be in the physical and mental shape they otherwise would be in. That, and minimal crowd size will make the games less exciting. It’s sad, because America loves football, but it’s going to take years for anything close to normalcy to return. Next year’s draft, for example, is going to be difficult, because a lot of college teams won’t be playing this year.

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