Nigel Bradham circles back, after initial slight of Philadelphia

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Nigel Bradham didn’t forget what happened in Philadelphia. He just remembered what it was like when he got there.

The Saints linebacker raised some eyebrows Monday when he was talking to New Orleans reporters, and threw some rocks at his previous two employers (the Bills and Eagles) while praising his current one.

“It’s definitely a different type of environment, a different culture, because the last two organizations I went to wasn’t really a winning organization,” Bradham said from Saints camp. “So when you come to a place where it’s known for winning and known for being in the postseason, you see the different type of culture that they have and the different type of expectations that they have naturally and what they expect out of you as a player.”

That would have been a reasonable opinion to go with his local pandering — except Bradham won a Super Bowl with the Eagles in 2017.

Reached later in the day by John Clark of, Bradham said he meant no offense to the organization he actually won with, but he didn’t find it that way when he arrived in 2016. He said that after the unfortunate Chip Kelly era, the Eagles weren’t what they became under new coach Doug Pederson.

“We built that atmosphere of winning with coach Pederson and I was the first free agency class he had,” Bradham said. “I love Philadelphia always and forever.”

He may get away with that one. At least until the Bills fans get to him.

2 responses to “Nigel Bradham circles back, after initial slight of Philadelphia

  1. Fans no longer are shocked or offended by players that take shots in the media about their ex teams. We’ve come to expect it.

  2. Bradham isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed… dude tried to bring a gun through the airport.

    As Jim Shwartz said about him: “You do dumbass things, pretty soon, you’re going to be labeled as a dumbass”

    He beat on a dude twice his age at a resort because he didn’t fix Bradhams umbrella fast enough.

    The quality of his character is even lower than his intelligence.

    Not surprised by his latest idiocy.

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