Notre Dame sees spike in student COVID-19 cases

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Will college football work in a pandemic? College itself in some places isn’t.

A day after North Carolina threw in the towel on in-person classes for the fall semester, a problem has come to light on the Notre Dame campus.

Via Matt Fortuna of, the cases have spiked from 58 to 147 in a day. Via, 16 percent of 927 tests have generated a positive result since August 6.

The school has attributed many of the cases to an off-campus party attended by students who didn’t wear face coverings or practice social distancing. Notre Dame has not yet abandoned its plan to conduct in-person classes.

It seems inevitable that more major universities will eliminate or limit in-person classes. And that will make the decision to press forward with college football despite, on some campuses, no actual college even more obviously a grab for the cash that comes from playing the games.

7 responses to “Notre Dame sees spike in student COVID-19 cases

  1. We cannot expect a bunch of arrogant 18-22 year old kids to socially distance. On campus universities will be COVID-19 breeding grounds. These kids should just take the year off, paying full tuition and fees while having everything online is a massive joke.

  2. keithdylan says:
    August 18, 2020 at 6:18 pm
    So wait, where more people are together, there are more cases? Wow, who knew.


    Ah yes – south bend…the New York of the midwest

  3. The easy part is being young and healthy and recovering quickly. The tricky part is when your organs begin to fail in 8-10 years down the road. This isn’t a one and done kind of virus. It gets into your bloodstream and wreaks all kinds of havoc with your lungs, heart, kidneys, etc. The damage is irreparable. You definitely want to avoid this virus at all costs. Of course, nobody has suffered from the long term effects, yet. So, for the selfish people who are only looking out for themselves, and not caring much about the elderly and the most vulnerable, well, you’re not doing a very good job of looking out for yourself either. Do you want to start failing just about the time you’re starting a young family of your own?

  4. As of late this afternoon, Notre Dame and Michigan State are suspending classroom instruction.

  5. Flip Rhombus says:
    August 18, 2020 at 7:29 pm
    As of late this afternoon, Notre Dame and Michigan State are suspending classroom instruction.


    Just saw this, too. Surprised MSU even allowed classroom instruction to begin with. They just had an outbreak in East Lansing a couple months ago due to (wait for it) a bunch of younger people crowding at a campus bar. It’s almost like you can predict this stuff.

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