Lamar Jackson on Dez Bryant: He’s looking good on social media

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Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson made it known that he was open to the team bringing in wide receiver Antonio Brown after working with Brown this offseason, but the team’s looking in another direction for a veteran at the position.

Dez Bryant is in Baltimore and set to work out for the team this week. Jackson didn’t work out with Bryant this offseason, but he has kept tabs on the videos that the former Cowboy has been posting of his workouts with others.

“We’ve got a lot of great receivers on the team right now,” Jackson said, via the team’s website. “It’s up to the front office. I’ve been seeing Dez Bryant on Instagram and stuff like that, running his routes, competing against cornerbacks. He’s looking pretty good on social media. If the front office likes him, we’ll have to see when he gets here.”

Jackson said that the team’s young wideouts have been “workaholics” in camp thus far and they’ll need those players to keep developing whether Bryant gets a shot to resume his career in Baltimore or not.

24 responses to “Lamar Jackson on Dez Bryant: He’s looking good on social media

  1. Only thing I worry about if I am the Ravens is what Dez would do to team chemistry. If he knows his place and role and plays within the system there’s no harm in the Ravens taking a look.

  2. I’m fully expecting the Instagram Football Team to vie for Super Bowl LV. The fact that he’s competing against video cornerbacks is SO intriguing. Almost like real-world Madden.

  3. In black and white text, he sounds entirely unenthusiastic about this prospect. I wouldn’t be either. Dez doesn’t excite anyone anymore.

  4. Well why not if he ain’t got it then just cut him but similarly it wasn’t too long ago that Carmelo’s career was left for dead too and look what he’s doing.

  5. The more I hear Lamar Jackson do interviews about wide receivers, the more I am impressed with his athletic ability.

  6. Too long in the tooth – too slow now. He was having trouble latching on to the football before his demise, and I doubt that has improved any at all. I just can’t see it.

  7. That is such an awesome comment because even though I’m sure he meant it as a complement you can easily read it as being the opposite.

  8. Shouldn’t Jackson be spending more time improving his skill to actually win a playoff game rather than watching Dez on social media?

  9. I think Lamar handled this well. This is always a tight rope. If he goes on and on about wanting Dez to join the team, then it will appear that he is throwing his current WRs under the bus and ESPN will have a field day with it. I think he responded in the only way he can respond.

  10. He wasn’t exactly in great demand and that was before he blew out his achilles. He wasn’t the fastest guy anyway and now he’s probably lost a step. People also watched how he went ballistic on the sidelines at his QBs. I don’t understand why they are even considering signing this guy. Whatever it is, they better construct his contract so most of the money is from per-game roster bonuses and incentives. That way they can cut him if he starts acting up they can send him packing.

  11. It appeared to me that Dez Bryant was losing the worst thing you can lose as a WR, speed. He was never a burner in the first place, so it really changed his game. Maybe he can still be functional as a slot WR. Otherwise, I think it’s going to be tough for him.

  12. There have been many effective WR’s in the NFL with average speed. Dez is not going to get faster, but he needs to make sure he is optimal in other areas: Hands, blocking, goal line targets, and being a good teammate. It’s an uphill battle, but at the same time he could be a great fit for Baltimore.

  13. Dez is still a big physical guy with decent hands. I’m sure he could contribute in the red zone for a few teams. He’s not Dez from 5 years ago. If he can play within his limits, keep his head on and accept a minor role I think he’d be ok

  14. There’s not a lot Lamar can say, he’s the QB not the GM.

    His loyalty is to his WRs (that he’s throwing the ball to) and his locker room… and rightly so.

    AB is a different situation. He’s family of his #1 WR, and a top5 WR in the NFL.

    A focused AB would be a game changer. Dez is what? A WR4 on most teams…

  15. Let’s see. First Antonio Brown and now Dez Bryant. Something tells me Lamar must think he needs help at wide receiver.

  16. I would look good on social media too if I was able to pick which videos to post.

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