Dave Caldwell on Yannick Ngakoue: Nothing immediate happening

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Wednesday brought a report that the Jaguars were close to trading defensive end Yannick Ngakoue, but General Manager Dave Caldwell threw cold water on that idea Thursday.

Caldwell said on SiriusXM NFL Radio that he has had conversations with Ngakoue and his new representation in hopes of finding a “good resolution” for both sides, but there is “nothing immediate that’s gonna happen here.”

“The unsubstantiated report really kinda caught me off guard too,” Caldwell said. “I don’t know where it came from or who it came from, but if he’s being traded I wish someone would let me know. Obviously we’ve had discussions with teams, but as of 1 o’clock today that report was pretty erroneous.”

Ngakoue has not signed his franchise tag and asked to be traded some time ago. Reports in July indicated he was willing to play out the year on the terms of the tag with a new team, but that the Jaguars had turned down trade offers from other clubs because the compensation did not bring back enough value.

10 responses to “Dave Caldwell on Yannick Ngakoue: Nothing immediate happening

  1. I doubt he gets traded this sounds like an agent looking to scare up a market for his client. It’s not happening, he will hold out till the last min he can then sign and hopefully next year all sides move on.

  2. Heard the jets & eagles were in play for him and the going offer was a second and a fifth. Eagles need him just not sure they can pay him? Anywhow your right could just be the team and agent stirring crap up to get a bidding war going although with the cap going down I don’t see anyone paying him nor Clowney big bucks hence why you would want to hang onto your high draft picks.

  3. Obviously the Jags haven’t gotten the offer they wanted yet. This saga doesn’t look good for either side.

  4. That tank for Trevor strategy is strong with this one. Somebody, name me a single jaguars player without looking-besides the mustache guy…minschew! I got one!

  5. jaguars front office and ownership has been sabotaging the team for several years now. you cannot blame everything on tom coughlin.

  6. Mr, Davis—Mr. Mayock and Chunky pick up this beast and Put the Vegas Raiders on the Map–with our new toys we should be at the minimum a wildcard team if you don’t screw this up! Time to buckle the chin straps and start putting The Chefs on notice!

  7. Heard he wants to stay in Florida, shouldn’t be hard for Dolphins/Bucs to acquire him..

  8. So the man is willing to play for $17.8 million this year, Bless his heart.

    Why would a team give up a first round pick, lose almost $18 million of cap room, only to lose him next year????
    When you can get Clowney perhaps cheaper, for no loss of draft capital!

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