After canceling season, CFL allowing players to opt out Monday

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The Canadian Football League, which has canceled its 2020 season, is allowing players to opt out of their contracts starting Monday, Tom Pelissero of NFL Media reports. It will free those who accept the opt out a chance to play in the NFL this season.

Pelissero said the Canadian Football League Players Association reached a deal with the CFL and informed players Friday night.

NFL players who opted out had their contracts toll, receiving a $350,000 stipend (high-risk) or $150,000 salary advance (voluntary).

CFL players who opt out would be released outright, with veterans receiving a stipend of $6,600. Players who don’t opt out get additional stipends, according to Pelissero.

The CFL canceled its 2020 season Monday.

Commissioner Randy Ambrosie said the league would have taken “significant financial losses” by playing during the pandemic. The CFL plans to return in 2021.

10 responses to “After canceling season, CFL allowing players to opt out Monday

  1. Not saying this to be mean but this will affect 2 maybe 3 CFL players. Most will remain with their CFL teams to get more stipends and go back to their second job at Home Depot or Canadian Tire.

  2. The CFL, Big 10, and the Pac12 should form an alliance. They could name themselves the CCC (Cancel Culture Conference). It would be glorious, the commissioners sitting around and talking via Zoom about how much power they have and how they hate the Orange Man.

  3. No Grey Cup on Thanksgiving Weekend. Very sad. Coronavirus continues to take from us now and later.

  4. As a Canadian I don’t really watch CFL (or NHL for that matter). I gotta say though, the CFL fans I know love and rep their teams and are every bit as a die hard and loyal bunch as any NFL fan. Grey Cup parties are always a great time too. I feel bad for them.

  5. Amazing how people proclaim other should take risks while they’re sitting at home behind their computer.

  6. collectordude says:
    August 22, 2020 at 9:03 am
    If they were any good, they’d be in the NFL already.
    Ignorant take. There are progressive levels of “good”. Rest assured, they are ALL better than you, and me, and getting paid.

  7. I’d love to see what Bo Levy Mitchell could do in the NFL, even as a backup. I’ve been to a few CFL games on my vacations to Montreal, and the football is good quality even if the rules take some getting use to.

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