Kyle Shanahan more secretive this year so teams don’t know what 49ers are doing

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San Francisco coach Kyle Shanahan says he’s being extra secretive with the media this training camp.

Shanahan said that in past years, he didn’t mind giving reporters information about the 49ers’ personnel or scheme if that information was going to be revealed in preseason games anyway. With no preseason this year, Shanahan wants to keep a tighter lid on the information that comes out of 49ers camp.

“That’s what all the other coaches are always trying to study,” Shanahan said, via “That’s why I’m usually more open with that stuff because they were going to find out in the [preseason] game anyways. That’s something we’re realizing now – it’s a big difference as we start to think about the teams we’re playing when you don’t have those depth charts you can see yourself. So everyone is going so much off media reports. I might not be as open as I’ve been in the past training camps.”

Shanahan is expressing a sentiment similar to that of Packers General Manager Brian Gutekunst, who justified a more restrictive media policy by saying that with no preseason, the Packers want to limit what gets out of their training camp. NFL teams are being extra secretive in the hopes that opposing teams won’t know anything they’re doing until they see it on the field in Week One.

25 responses to “Kyle Shanahan more secretive this year so teams don’t know what 49ers are doing

  1. It’s very important that teams don’t find out his secret to blowing double digit leads in the 4th quarter

  2. Kyle, tell you defense not to give up 21 points in the fourth quarter of the super bowl.

  3. In a future Psychology textbook under definition is paranoid it will say: See football coaches.

  4. Why would he make and big changes from what got the team to the SB? The 49ers play the Giants in game 1. The Giants were 4-12 last season. Their schedule does not get hard until week 6. There will be plenty of film by then of their schemes and personnel packages.

  5. Well we know what he’ll do in the 4th quarter of a Super Bowl if he gets that far…

  6. The arrogant attitude of this clown makes himself seem like he is a multi Super Bowl champ, he is good at one thing in Super Bowls like blowing leads by not running the ball, keep up the good work boy genius!

  7. I think I know their scheme. Sometimes they will throw the ball, sometimes they will run the ball. Pretty simple

  8. Any competitive advantage gained from this is lost in what, a few series in the first game of the year?

  9. That might make a minor difference in week one. After that, it will not make a difference. But, hey, if it makes teams feel better about themselves to think they have some secret plan, go for it!

  10. So, You’re not going to let em know that you are going to do nothing but run the ball in the 4th quarter. That would have worked last year but no this one. Secret’s out!

  11. intrafinesse says:
    Kyle, tell you defense not to give up 21 points in the fourth quarter of the super bowl.

    Typical one-dimensional thinking.
    Even the best defense will eventually crumble when it’s on the field for most of the second half because the offense can’t make so much as a first down.
    The 49ers offense choked away that Super Bowl, not the defense. A little ball/clock control and better quarterback play on just a couple of series and the Chiefs don’t come back to win that game.

  12. Good coach until the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl at which point he panics and wants to pass every play. If he’d run the ball in the 4th quarter he’d have two rings by now. And the worst part is he’s oblivious. He talked about how Garappolo would have been MVP if they’d won when Mostert was the guy they should have been feeding which would have gotten him the award and the team the victory.

  13. Shhhh! Be vewy vewy quiet. We are going to run the ball a lot to prevent Jimmy from passing. Shhhhh!

  14. maybe should have worried more about coaching and less about gloating that the win over Washington was “Revenge for your father” And yes, your dad deserved to be fired….

  15. Lol so much commentary on Shanahan choking away the Super Bowl…

    News flash… the players make the plays that the coaches call. SF didn’t make enough plays on either side of the ball to win the game, end of conversation . Kyle’s doing just fine.

    In any event, get used to seeing the Niners in the Super Bowl people… they’re going to be good for a long, long, time.

  16. Same thing Titans will do with their MEDIOCRE QB Tannehil: run, run, run and pray their QB doesn’t lose the game for them

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