There’s still no interest in Colin Kaepernick

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In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, many seemed to have an epiphany regarding the reasons stated by Colin Kaepernick for the anthem protests he launched in 2016. Put simply, plenty of people who had chastised Kaepernick had begun to realize he had a point regarding police brutality suffered by African-Americans and other people of color.

The realization that Kaepernick was onto something also created a sense that he’d soon be on an NFL roster, coupled with plenty of comments from NFL figures endorsing his return, like Chargers coach Anthony Lynn and Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. More than two months ago, we posted the simple question of whether the talk would lead to action.

More than two months later, it hasn’t. Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Kaepernick has drawn no interest.

It’s possible that teams are still talking to the “friends and associates” of Kaepernick while plotting an eventual effort to sign him. It’s also possible that teams never were talking to anyone about Kaepernick, and that the NFL’s various franchises were simply hoping to run out the clock regarding the mainstream viewpoint that Kaepernick should get a shot.

If so, it worked. No one currently is calling for Kaepernick to get back in the league, and no one is complaining that, for example, Cardale Jones got a workout with the Raiders instead of Kaepernick.

With no preseason games and quarterbacks not subjected to contact before Week One, quarterback injuries are unlikely for now (with the exception of Jarrett Stidham). If/when that happens, and/or if when quarterbacks end up on the COVID-19 reserve list, will Kaepernick get a call?

The less anyone talks about the  fact that he should, the more likely he won’t.

101 responses to “There’s still no interest in Colin Kaepernick

  1. Look past all the other stuff for a minute. Kaep got benched twice for Gabbert. Twice. His last time he got benched, he threw for 4 yards. 4, and then got benched. Defenses figured him out. He was a one trick pony. He was throwing ground balls in the dirt. He threw pick after pick in a game against Arizona. He was a flash in the pan. He didn’t develop his game. “He was going to get cut, so he didn’t opt out.” Actually he did opt out. Baalke and Chip Kelly were running the show when he decided to opt out. Not Kyle and John. He was leaving before they even got there. Bottom line: he opted out, he was regressing, he was figured out, he didn’t develop his game. He is the reason he’s not in the league. No one else.

  2. Sorry, I have zero empathy for a guy who wears pig socks and a Castro shirt. He made his own bed.

  3. The less anyone talks about the fact that he should, the more likely he won’t.


    It’s almost like everyone would rather invest time in a young player who won’t be a team distraction, rather than a 30 something QB who hasn’t played in five years.

  4. Can’t criticize his arm or any of his other skills if he doesn’t get a workout. The last time he was offered one was a sham. He’s better than a lot of the veteran 2nd stringers out there.

  5. Leave it alone already he hasn’t played in years, that’s the main reason like it or not.

  6. Everybody remembers Colin taking a knee but don’t forget his remarks about the police. Personally I think Colin identifies more with the rioters than the peaceful protestors. No one wants those kinds of distractions on their team. To say nothing of his “strange” behavior when the NFL tried to organize a try-out for him.

  7. Despite the fact that the attitude towards him has changed, this isn’t the best year to be trying to bring him in. No mini-camps, no pre-season games. Look at how long players who played just last season were hanging on the line as free agents. I predict he’ll be in a camp next year if things get back to normal.

  8. This reminds me of the old Saturday Night Live sketch where Chevy Chase would say ‘This just in – Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead’.

    There’s still no interest in Bart Starr, Johnny Unitas or Sammy Baugh either and they were much better quarterbacks than Kapernick.

  9. So even with the positive PR a team would receive they still don’t want him. Makes it pretty clear it’s a belief in him and not a massive conspiracy.

  10. Lets say that Cardale Jones did get a try out with the Raiders before Kap…

    Do you think maybe its because Jones actually looked solid in the XFL and has played more recently than Kap? Why work out a guy whose offense requires accuracy and he doesn’t have it AND he hasn’t played in three years?

  11. Kaep has no interest in returning to the NFL in any capacity other than as a starting QB being paid top dollar. And that isn’t happening anytime soon.

  12. Is there still no interest in Joe Montana? How about Joe Namath? Since we’re on the topic of QB’s that can no longer play

  13. Rightly or wrongly, no matter how people feel about it, I can’t help but think this ship has well and truly sailed

  14. You should really do an article about the truth of KP. He wasn’t a good QB once teams figured him out and he couldn’t adapt. So instead of giving him excuses, break down his record, game play and his inability to adapt or read defenses.
    If you do that, you will see why he isn’t signed and was benched.

  15. At this point he is nothing more than an afterthought.

    He had his 15 minutes of fame.

  16. Has nothing to do with him kneeling. He lost his starting job because teams caught on to his run pass option. It was all he had. Then the guy opted out of a contract worth over 20 mil a year. Then blames everyone else because he’s not in the nfl anymore

  17. Can anyone tell me the top three receivers on that last 49ers team with Kaepernick?

    Can anyone name at least one receiver on that team?

    Blaine Gabbert didn’t exactly light it up either. That team was decimated by Chip Kelly, in the same way the Eagles were. Guys were retiring to avoid playing for Kelly.

  18. Sometimes players just are not as they think they are. Note to the rest of nfl players. Don’t opt out of a contract that’s going to pay you over 20 mil to sit on the beach

  19. The media’s the reason he won’t get signed. No team wants a thousand reporters swarming their facility questioning everyone from the owner down to the turf crew about Colin Kaepernick

  20. Kaepernick played for a woeful 49ers team which would have stunk up the joint no matter who played QB. For him not be signed is a joke. Tell me, who is Tamp Bay’s QB three years from now? Or, probably two years for that matter. The odds of Brady being a quality QB in 2021 are low. How about Indy? Isn’t Kap worth a look since everyone knows you don’t love Jacoby? Goodell should get on the horn and tell one of the owners to sign him. Sign him as a backup, but sign him. He’ll make $20 Million per year from his jersey sales.

  21. Why would there be? He was a borderline starter in San Fran, got benched twice for BLANE GABBERT if I remember correctly….oh, and he hasn’t played in years! Why would any team invite that circus to town for a QB that was marginal in his prime?

  22. TBH I don’t think Colin is interested in the NFL. He has his own thing he’s doing away from the sport. The NFL has moved on, he has moved on, let’s leave it at that.

  23. Yes many people, including every NFL GM, indeed discovered that Kaepernick was on to something, that something being a way to make millions without playing football. No way he diminishes his victim status by proving he can no longer play.

  24. Flip Rhombus says:
    August 21, 2020 at 1:27 pm

    He’s better than a lot of the veteran 2nd stringers out there.


    And if all he was asking for was to be a veteran backup, and if all he expected was the salary of a backup who’s been out of the game for 5 years, then he probably would have had a job long ago.

    By all accounts, he wants to be a starter and get paid starter money. Any QB who sets that as their criteria immediately reduces their job prospects to a handful of teams at the most. Add the 5 years out of the game and the pretty dismal last 3 seasons of play, and you effectively wipe out the remaining market.

    To get signed by a team, you have to have more upside than downside. Getting-to-the-Super Bowl Kaepernick had way more upside than downside. Post-Super-Bowl Kaepernick has not.

  25. It all boils down to that he hasn’t played in over 3 years and would not be an upgrade to any team just a constant distraction. He was never very good to begin with.

  26. Flip Rhombus says:
    August 21, 2020 at 1:27 pm
    Can’t criticize his arm or any of his other skills if he doesn’t get a workout. The last time he was offered one was a sham. He’s better than a lot of the veteran 2nd stringers out there.

    Has to be the best piece of comedy on the internet today.

  27. Kap has moved on to the cause of Social Justice. The NFL has moved on to the next man up. I’d be shocked if he plays again. I bet he runs for public office.

  28. Ive raised my 3 sons already (two are older than CK), but if I was raising a new one now, I would NEVER want my son to look at CK as some sort of hero. He’s not a good person on several levels. This hero-worship for him is fully fabricated. Give me a break already with this guy.

  29. Let’s NEVER lose sight of the fact the HE walked away from a guaranteed $12,500,000.00 contract with the San Francisco 49ers to become a free agent. I wonder if he got bad advice or thought of this horrible business and career decision all on his own.

  30. The NFL is all about giving guys another chance ( if you are good ). see aldon smith and a dozen other guys im not going to list.

  31. Enough with the manufactured victim syndrome. At this point I’m starting to wonder what your percentage is if he signs.

  32. Based on the number comments on here there is a lot of interest in Kaepernick. Myself included.

  33. Go back and watch highlights from 2016. He was terrible. I don’t want him and my team and neither does anybody else.

  34. You were a millionaire. You were an NFL QB. You only had to work a portion of the year.
    But you blew it. There were 100 ways that you could have expressed your political views. You chose to do so in a sports setting. Guess what? Sports is an entertainment product. NO ONE wants Politics mixed into their sports. It’s over. Only the press brings up your name anymore.

  35. NIKE lost 780 Million in the 2nd Quarter. Looks like people are still boycotting them.

  36. Why would there be? He sucks and brings headaches with him. It wouldn’t be about the team, it would all be about him.

  37. The main reason Kap isn’t playing is that Kap CAN’T play anymore!

    Stick a fork in the Kap story…It is done.

  38. No coach or GM wants the BS circus that comes along with all the extremely heavy baggage. Locker room disruption to the max!

  39. Remember that interview where he said he doesn’t mind working his way up from a backup role?
    Or that other one where he said he’d play on a vet minimum “prove it” contract”?
    Or that other one where he even said “I want to play football”?

    Yeah, me neither.

  40. In the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, many seemed to have an epiphany regarding the reasons stated by Colin Kaepernick for the anthem protests he launched in 2016.

    He originally was protesting his demotion by Chip Kelly. At first, he sat during exhibition games while the anthem played. Later he would kneel. A SF writer picked up on that and wrote what the masses had ignored. That Kap was kneeling/sitting during the anthem so he must be protesting something.

    Kap’s GF picked up on this and one thing led to another and here we are. Kap can’t play anymore. Simple as that. His NFL promoted workout last year was moved by him at the last minute to another stadium. The move allowed for limited media exposure that might reveal any physical deficiencies.

    NFL scpouts are usually right. They make some mistakes, but in this case they are spot on. He can’t play.

  41. Let’s be honest their is no interest from him either. He’s a big fake and a one time flash in the pan.

  42. Baltimore is the ideal situation for him because of the Harbaugh/Roman connection as well as the system and style of quarterback. It’s hard to fault the 31 other NFL teams for not bringing him in as a backup if the Ravens won’t. They are the perfect fit for him but clearly he is not the perfect fit for them otherwise he would be there. If they don’t think he is good enough to be worth bringing in as a camp look that should tell you all you need to know. When are we going to move on from this?

  43. bro he had a good season 8 years ago…how about we remember the last tie he was on the field he was losing jobs to sunshine

  44. Why can’t the media let this go away. He is done. He sucks and he doesn’t seem like he wants to play anyway. Didn’t he get a settlement from the NFL?

  45. Hasn’t played since 2016 and that’s a LONG time ago in NFL years. And while everybody else trying to get back into the league is throwing out awesome workout videos to show what great shape they’re in, virtually nothing out of Kaep despite there being serious concerns about him physically already back in 2016. (Remember his diet change and the huge weight loss? He looked like a shell of his former self.)

  46. All lives, including Black Lives matter. #BLM. That said, there is no doubt that Colin K was blackballed, received a settlement and while there has been lip service to giving him another shot, it is likely his skills have deteriorated due to his lack of playing to the point where he is not a player that should be considered by the NFL.

  47. “He lost his starting job because teams caught on to his run pass option. It was all he had.”

    I mean, that’s all Lamar Jackson has.

  48. Isn’t Cardale Jones also black? So, that’s not a racist move then. Maybe the Raiders thought he was younger and had more in the tank. Maybe they thought for a backup the media circus wouldn’t come to town.

    Why does it have to be Kaepernick over another deserving black QB??

  49. “He lost his starting job because teams caught on to his run pass option. It was all he had.”

    I mean, that’s all Lamar Jackson has.

    Oh….pretty sure Jackson is a far superior athlete and QB than CK ever was. That was downright funny! Bwahahaha!

  50. Wait, so Baltimore and Seattle, who both professed some interest, don’t want him who else would?

  51. A bag of three day old garbage sitting at the curb would get more interest than Kap.
    It’s over, the calorically challenged lady with the horned helmet is warming up and will be ready to sing momentarily.

  52. NFL teams only watch the last couple years of his fim to decide they aren’t interested. If signing Kaepernick is based only on what he showed the last 2 seasons of his career, it is easy to see why he isn’t in the league right now.

  53. These are mostly “character is most important” comments, like next someone will say “character is most important” in selecting our President. Oh, wait . . .

  54. “If you’ve got one trick, you’ve got no trick.”–Don Meredith

    It’s about the only one of Dandy Don’s good-ol’-boy sayings that’s actually true.

    Kaep’s zone-option thing was darned good for a little while, but once teams figured out how to defense it, he had…a strong arm, no accuracy, and no judgment. He started the sitting/kneeling shtick as a “protest” against getting benched in favor of Blaine Freaking Gabbert, then it became about social justice, then he realized he could be far richer and far less beaten up as a SJW than as a NFLQB.

    Even if someone made an offer, Kaep would decline it based on…something or other. Maybe his girlfriend would call his potential employer a “racist” again. Playing again would expose him. Besides, he wouldn’t sign for less that starting money or without a guarantee of starting, and no owner in his/her right mind (that covers only about half the league, but I digress) would undermine his franchise that way. Any head coach worth a nickel would quit if his owner said, “I’m signing Kaepernick and he’ll start.” There may only be 32 head coaching jobs in the league, but a coach who quit under those circumstances would get another opportunity elsewhere if he’s any good.

    As for signing him as a backup, he’s never indicated that he’d accept either a backup job or backup money, and no coach wants the media circus he’d bring with him. Backup quarterbacks are best barely seen and never heard.

  55. Guy hasn’t played a down of football in almost 5 years. His record was 11-24 over his last 3 seasons. Trust me, if an owner/team thought Kaepernick could help they win, he would have been signed.

  56. Kap is not that good of a QB…..NFL Defensive Coordinators figured him out long ago. Kneeling is the victim card he played…..when it was time to workout and join a team, he was a no show.
    Kap has no interest in playing in the NFL again….he won’t sign….it hurts his narrative and confirms his lack of talent and ends his relevance !

  57. murphyslaw40 says:
    August 21, 2020 at 2:16 pm
    Can anyone tell me the top three receivers on that last 49ers team with Kaepernick?

    Can anyone name at least one receiver on that team?

    Blaine Gabbert didn’t exactly light it up either. That team was decimated by Chip Kelly, in the same way the Eagles were. Guys were retiring to avoid playing for Kelly..
    Tell me again how Gabbert was only making $2 million a year and was brought in to be the back up. No WR? That last season Kap went 1-10 as a starter while, while Gabbert went 1-4… same receivers.

  58. Kaepernick is not going to sign what Cam NETON GOT. The only position Kaepernick wants to play is victim.

  59. There is no upside to signing Kaepernick
    I admire what he did with the social justice thing. I agree with him but 30-40% of the people think he is un-American.
    For a backup quarterback I’m not seeing the logic of loosing 30% of your fan base.
    He is a legend for what he did. No denying it.

  60. Value = Skill – Salary – Distraction.

    That’s the only equation that matters in judging NFL players. The easiest way for a player to increase his Value is to make the second term as small as possible and the third term zero. I don’t see CK doing or saying anything toward those ends.

  61. Man the media is really trying to make Kaepernick a thing still. He had interest from Miami, Denver, Seattle, & Baltimore and blew that chance. He had a tryout and instead of showing up, he wanted to dictate the terms. That’s not even mentioning why would any team take a chance on him. It will be the Tebow media circus all over again. There is no win in signing a guy who hasn’t played in years. Everyone wishes the media would let this story die so please let it die.

  62. Teams were just “saying the right things” so they don’t look bad. Nobody really wants him.

  63. Everyone outside of San Francisco remains confused as to why Kaepernick is unsigned. Nobody in San Fran is wondering.

    Somehow the fact that Kaepernick lost his job more than once and was 4-16 in his last 20 starts is totally glossed over when the conversation of why he doesn’t get signed comes up.

  64. The ‘Rona has ruined a lot of things in 2020…and including any chance of Colin Kaepernick getting back into the NFL. With the BLM movement becoming such a social force, there’s no doubt that in any other season Kaep would at least get an invite to a team’s training camp. However, the reality is with the difficultly of playing a season during the ‘Rona, no team wants to deal with the noise signing Kaep would generate. After this season, that will be 4 full years of being off a football field. Since he’s not a good passer, he’ll be a 34 year old “one read and run” QB. From a talent and a PR standpoint, he’s just not worth the hassle.

  65. Another way to look at it is that every NFL team still running the Wildcat Offense has shown great interest in Kapernick!

  66. Setting aside the controversy that surrounds Kapernick, what is his true football value? Is he objectively a better quarterback than Cam Newton? And what are his salary demands? It is widely reported that he’d sign for maybe 20 million, which is a lot more money than Cam got. So if you are general manager and you know that Kaepernick’s salary demands are going to exceed his value by a lot, it seems like it would be pointless to invite him for a workout.

  67. Nobody wanted to look back at a team picture in twenty years, ruined by clown hair.

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