Washington wishes Ron Rivera speedy recovery in statement of support

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The Washington Football Team released a statement in support of head coach Ron Rivera that announced the details of his cancer diagnosis on Thursday night.

“Coach Ron Rivera was recently diagnosed with Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC) located in a lymph node and detected from a self-care check. The cancer is in an early stage, and is considered very treatable and curable, providing a good prognosis for Coach Rivera for a full recovery. Coach Rivera has consulted with leading doctors and oncology specialists and is establishing his treatment plan in conjunction with the team’s medical staff and his outside physicians. For now, Coach has asked that the team keep things business as usual and remain focused, but a “Plan B” is in place if it is determined that he should take some time off.

“Coach Rivera wishes to extend his thanks to the team doctors and athletic trainers, and all of the healthcare specialists who will be assisting him through his treatment plan. In addition, Coach Rivera wishes to extend his heartfelt thanks to the Snyders, coaches, players, staff and fans of the Washington Football Team, as well as his family for their love and support during this time.

“The Washington Football Team wishes Coach Rivera a speedy recovery, and we will be supporting him every step of the way.”

Jack Del Rio would make an obvious “Plan B” head coach if necessary as he’s twice served in the role with the Jacksonville Jaguars and Oakland Raiders. However, Rivera told ESPN that he’s going to continue going about his normal routine unless he’s forced to change course.

I’m planning to go on coaching,” he said.. “Doctors encouraged me to do it, too. They said, ‘If you feel strongly, do it. Don’t slow down, do your physical activities.’ But everyone keeps telling me by week three or four, you’ll start feeling it.”

Rivera also sent out a tweet thanking those for their support.

“Stephanie, Christopher, Courtney and I thank you ALL for your love and support,” Rivera said.

3 responses to “Washington wishes Ron Rivera speedy recovery in statement of support

  1. Someone needs to step in and tell him to sit out the season, cancer treatments are going to weaken his immune system putting him in the high risk population if the happens to contract COVID.

    No doubt he can beat cancer just seems pointless to tempt fate…

  2. i had the same diagnosis a few years ago. If he goes thru the same treatment I did, he won’t be coaching. The treatment is brutal. 8 weeks of daily neck radiation while being fed thru a tube.
    My thoughts and prayers are with him.

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