Earl Thomas: I was having one of my best camps before they sent me home

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Ravens safety Earl Thomas is not happy that the team has told him not to come to practice after an incident on the field on Friday.

Thomas posted a video on Instagram showing himself making a mistake in coverage, and although he acknowledged the mistake, he indicated that teammate Chuck Clark overreacted to the mistake and that overall Thomas thinks he is performing at a high level right now.

“Being sent home sucks I can’t take the reps I need to keep momentum going,” Thomas wrote. “But I can reflect on things and keep working my plan to help the team win. This has been one of of my best camps crazy a situation like this can through dirt on it. Here is the clip that started the fight. A mental error on my part. A Busted coverage that I tried to explain calmly meet with built up aggression turned into me getting into with a teammate. Since we didn’t keep it in house and I’m getting text and calls from ESPN reporters etc thought I’d try and clear the air. Situations like this narrow my window for error but this the path I choose.”

The Ravens may be setting the stage to avoid having to pay Thomas his guaranteed $10 million salary this season. This issue between player and team could easily get ugly.

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  1. What doe it tell you if you’re doing a great job, and they STILL send you home???? Telephone call for Mr. Thomas!! Reality check , line 1!!

  2. Earl considers this one of his best camps ever and all of his teammates want home gone. Makes me wonder what a bad camp is like for Earl.

  3. Lol. They aren’t cutting one of the best safeties in the game. Sure they’d save a lot of money if they cut him but they’d also be without one of the best safeties.

  4. Chiefs Chop Chiefs Chop says:
    Lol. They aren’t cutting one of the best safeties in the game. Sure they’d save a lot of money if they cut him but they’d also be without one of the best safeties.

    Earl Thomas hasn’t been “one of the best safeties in the game” for a while now. Combine his age, physical decline (with two serious leg breaks), a rather high salary, and recent troubling incidents on an off the field, and he’s hardly untouchable.
    I’m not saying the Ravens will, won’t or should cut Thomas. But it won’t exactly come as a shock if they do.

  5. Pretty regular misbehavior for Thomas. Ravens have enough depth in secondary to not put up with this nonsense. No player is bigger than the team, especially in case of Ravens culture. If there is cause for action – which it appears there is, I’d tell him to hit the road. Some players don’t know how good they have it.

  6. How much he has left in the tank is debatable, but last season they weren’t throwing his way that much. He still gets that respect, so I don’t know that cutting him now makes a lot of sense. The Ravens historically seem to suffer injuries in the secondary, and what always looks deep in August isn’t the case usually by the end of the season. ET doesn’t make a lot of splash plays, doesn’t always give full effort, gets paid a lot, and maybe isn’t the most popular guy on the team. It’s a tough one but DeCosta and Harbaugh know what they’re doing.

  7. Chuck Clark has demonstrated to be smart and a valuable leader. Glad to see him step up and give it to Thomas. Thomas is slow and a toxic prima that needs to find a job elsewhere. Baltimore has too much fast, young talent that’s hungry for a chance. We need speed in the backfield that plays as part of a team. Too bad Baltimore will have to eat the guaranteed salary, but, cut your losses and move on.

  8. The clip shows Clark slamming his helmet into the ground in frustration, and no one else doing anything other than playing football. The Ravens wouldn’t send Earl home for missing an assignment. There is obviously way more to the situation than what Earl is telling. I’m not gonna say a release is imminent, but I also wouldn’t be surprised.

  9. Looks like he blew a play, got corrected by a youngster. Didnt like it and a fight almost ensued.

    When the coaches approached him about it he must not have responded to them well either hence the boot he got.

  10. The last time I checked a team is allowed to cut any player for any reason.
    Usually for a player like Thomas it’s because of salary cap reasons.
    Now if the team didn’t pay him guaranteed portion of the contract that would be another story.

  11. The Ravens may be setting the stage to avoid having to pay Thomas his guaranteed $10 million salary this season. This issue between player and team could easily get ugly.

    I’m not sure if the team can use this to terminate his contract but if there continues to be incidents like this don’t be surprised if they do it and fight the NFLPA about paying the $10M. Even then they are still on the hook for the remainder ($15M) of his $20M signing bonus. If they truly do want to cut him then they shouldn’t have given him a $55M four-year contract to an aging player. Yeah, great move. Can you say buyer’s remorse?

  12. He sure has trashed his reputation the last few years, which is too bad since he has been so fun to watch on the field. Given past behavior he hasn’t exactly earned the benefit of the doubt on this one.

  13. The Chiefs missing on Thomas, Ravens overpaying, and Chiefs then signing signing Mathieu has been incredible fortune.

    Thank goodness!

  14. The start of Thomas’ fall was when after a game he went to the opposing team’s coach locker and told him “come get me”.

    Before that there were always grumblings that were dropped into a bucket of Earl Thomas just being an intense dude. But when you have super humble Bobby Wagner telling him to keep his name out of his mouth when Wagner was playing through injury was telling of something more.

    Earl has always been a student of the game but he also relied on elite speed to make the plays he was making. Age is the great equalizer, the Ravens might not be willing to tolerate this behavoir from their 3rd best player in the secondary.

  15. If he is released, maybe he can catch on as lead blocker for Derrick Henry?

  16. He has more baggage than a loaded 747. He’s not worth the headaches, (the 1 finger salute to his former team while being carted off, then his crazy wife, now this).

  17. Unauthorized release of a team practice video by a player is no doubt prohibited by the team. Thomas either wants to be released or is asking for it even if he doesn’t want it.

  18. Baltimore was falling all over themselves trying to sign Thomas before the Chiefs did, and then crowed about how they got the missing piece of the puzzle. Then they did their usual choke job in the playoffs and now the Ravens are treating ET like he’s the fat chick who came to the prom by herself. Class organization I tell ya!

  19. Earl let me make this simple for you: you are not having a good camp when the entire team hates you.

  20. He’s earned over $80,000,000.
    Dude, just play out the year and try not to be an idiot, then retire.

  21. Earl Thomas has never been the same since getting owned by Brady and the Patriots in the SB.

  22. Rumors persist in Cleveland that TE David Ngoku will go to the Ravens in exchange for Earl Thomas

  23. No dog in the fight but if the Ravens are doing this to avoid JT’s 10M, this is blatant bad faith and violates the CBA. EVERY team has nearly a daily traing camp dust up between teammates that are tired of banging on each other. Unless the fight is extreme and results in serious injury (broken eye socket), the daily dust ups do not constitute conduct detrimental to the team and certainly doesnt justify booting the player out of camp and sending him home.

  24. rodgerstonelson says:
    August 22, 2020 at 5:39 pm
    No desert for you young man.
    Or dessert.
    raidwin says:
    August 22, 2020 at 6:38 pm
    Trying to get to Dallas anyway he can
    I-95 to I-85 to I-20. Not complicated.

  25. sure its never His fault
    Antonio brown always says too
    in the end earl thomas will join Brown in the yiur too much trouble to sign list

  26. Lol, ET already trying to drum up interest from another team. I’m sure TO said he was having his best camps with the Bengals, Bills, and Seahawks.

  27. mnionc says:
    August 22, 2020 at 2:18 pm
    Cheap shot artist
    🙄 That’s ridiculous. He’s a very good player that is in decline after multiple injuries. Nothing more, nothing less.

  28. I got a headache just reading his statement. I couldn’t imagine having to listen to him everyday.

  29. For those who think Earl will go to 49er’s to be with Sherman don’t understand that those two didn’t get along very well. They simply mildly put up with each other.

  30. The Cowboys cleared some cap space by re-working Tyron Smith’s contract. Wouldn’t be shocked if this was an attempt by Thomas to get cut/traded so he can end up in Dallas.

  31. Doubting Earl Thomas’ game? Wait till you see how well he plays for the Patriots after Baltimore cuts him.

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